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Saturday, 27 July 2013 07:49

Team Conflict Resolution Featured

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Team Conflict Resolution

               I concur with the various aspects of conflict management in this post. This is because I also tend to use these approaches while dealing with conflicts at the workplace. Reaching a compromise is among the best ways of solving a conflict. Treating one of the parties in a favorable manner only forms the basis of other conflicts. However, compromise creates some sense of satisfaction to both parties (Somech, 2008).

 According to the book of Colossians (Chapter 3, verse 13) “we must bear with one another just as God bears with His people”.  This highlights the Bible’s stance on conflict resolution. In most conflicts, both parties feel offended. Reaching a compromise helps in resolving these differences.  I also concur with this post with respect to collaboration in conflict management (Eunson, 2012).

 Through collaboration, the conflicting parties can reason rationally. This approach is essential because it helps in evaluating the implications of different options. Through this evaluation, it is possible to choose the alternative that provides the best outcome for both sides. In essence, collaboration facilitates for a win-win situation. Consequently, no party feels aggrieved by the outcome of the conflict resolution framework.

Although the frameworks in this post are effective, it is also vital to identify the causes of conflicts (Miller, 2010). The identification of the specific causes is a pertinent perspective with respect to conflict resolution. This not only forms a framework of resolving the conflict but also helps in mitigating similar conflicts in the future.


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