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The Heart Featured

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The Heart

 Functions of Heart

Heart is one of main parts of the human body that helps in the process of breathing, digesting, and blood purification. It is necessary to ensure that the heart is in a good condition simply because this is a sensitive body part that requires great care. Evidence shows that heart in the human body plays a vital role, and that is why individuals always take care of their heart. The heart is made of different components that have different vital functions in a human’s body. Some of the components of the heart include septum, veins, atriums, vena cava, arteries, and the aorta. Research shows that it is difficult to live without heart simply because most body parts rely on heart for their function.

 Heart is just like a pump simply because its work is to pump blood in and out of the heart from one part of the body to another. The heart is made of muscles that help it pump blood through the body parts. The heart pumps blood through the body 72 times per the common minute. It is a vital organ in the human body simply because it carries blood and oxygen plus any other relevant material needed by the body. The heart also helps other body parts function in a manner that helps an individual live. It also helps in the removal of waste products that are not relevant and useful in the body. Research shows that the heart is the only organ in the human body that has malfunctions, (Sabtu, 2012).

 The primary function of the heart is to pump blood in the human body. The heart uses its components or parts to pump blood through the body. Evidence shows that circulation of blood in the body is essential simply because it helps an individual get enough oxygen. Blood carries oxygen which is vital for human survival. Apart from transporting oxygen, blood also carries materials that are useful in other parts of the body. In other words, circulation of blood helps other parts of the body get food that are vital for their growth. Heart also acts as a purification element. Heart cleanses blood that carries waste materials from other parts of the body. When the blood moves from heart to other parts of the body it carries food, but in its return it carries waste materials thus heart helps in cleansing the wastes, (Geleijnse, 2011).

 Heart helps develop body cells. When the human tissues grow and become old, blood helps create new tissues. Blood generates while and red blood cells that are necessary in repairing worn out body tissues. The general functions of heart in the human body are to pump blood through the body. Heart also carries oxygen and food materials required by other parts of the body. Another thing is that heart cleanses blood making sure that blood pumped to other parts of the body is clean and has the right components, (Rath & Pauling, 2010).

 Location and size of heart

Heart is a cone shaped like object which is approximately size of a human fist. Research shows that the normal weight of a heart ranges from 250 to 300 grams in a normal circumstance. Location of the heart is under the sternum. The thoracic compartment is the actual place where heart is located which lies between the human lungs. I believe heart is located at this place simply because it looks safer compared to other locations in the body. Another possible reason for its location is that the place seems to be the central position of the human heart. Since the heart is vital human organ, its location gives it security from any damage that might occur in the human body. At this location, the heart is protected by the pericardium. This is a protective and connective tissue enclosing the heart from outside damages, (Sing, 2012).


Causes of heart problems

Evidence shows that there are many causes of heart problems in the human life. As vital as it is, heart also has problems that develop and affects how it functions. Researchers suggest that when the heart develops problems, it fails in its functions and may cause problems in the human body. Health conditions play the role in developing heart problems. When an individual is sick and has health conditions, the heart may also develop problems. Heart is a fragile and delicate human organ that requires an individual to take it in the appropriate action. Diseases are one of the key reasons which make heart develop problems. Human body is exposed to many diseases some that affect how the heart functions. Some problems are not connected to heart, but they cause heart failure. Another cause of heart problems in human is the failure of heart components. At times, the human heart components fail to operate well thus developing problems which may cause heart failure. Increase in level of cholesterol in the human body is another cause of heart problem. Accumulation of cholesterol in the human body creates fats that blocks how the heart functions, (Sabtu, 2012).

 Effects of heart problems

Research shows that blacks are prone to heart diseases. There are so many supportive arguments behind this and that causes effects in the society. Blacks have a higher level of heart problems attack as compared to other people due to the presence of diseases. Blacks are poor in their health monitoring something that cause problems that cause heart problems. Heart problems cause diseases in the society something that affects the patient and family at large. Evidence shows that heart diseases create severe conditions that lead to lose of life in human life. The society gets to spend on this heart conditions making it experience economic challenges because treating heart diseases requires a lot of money. Another thing is that heart problems cause deaths in the society. This makes the society lose its people simply because it’s rare for an individual suffering from this condition recover and get to normal activities, (Rath & Pauling, 2010).

 Treatments and preventive solution

Although most people do not know how to handle diseases healthy eating is one of the key preventive solutions for most diseases.  Eating healthy foods is something that has made most people handles their health problems in the right aspect. Another thing is to ensure that your body is fit. This means that an individual should do some exercises regularly in order to allow body parts grow and function in the right aspect. When diagnosed with a heart problem an individual should take the right treatment, (Sing, 2012).


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