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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 14:34

Chick fil A Featured

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Chick fil A


Chick fil A president comment about gay will affect the productivity of the company.

Chick fil A is an organization that has been faced with one controversial issue as a result of a comment from the president of the company regarding same sex marriage. The stand of the president about their support for the family is not popular with those of other people in position of the company. The problem is the effect that the controversy is going to have on the company’s brand. This is a situation that is extremely risky to the entire organization. Organization leaders are not supposed to getting involved in issues that do not relate with the business. This is because the customers are likely not to forgive and forget comments from organization leaders. This is an issue that is likely to cause the organization a lot of loss as some of the workers can decide to leave the job while customers boycott the services offered. This is a serious issue as there are demonstrators planning to protest of the same sex inside the restaurant.

 When finding a solution to such a problem, CEO should first ensure that are careful when making controversial statements when representing the business that they are running. Executives should take the responsibility of explaining to the public concerning the issue and apologizing for the comment made by the CEO. When CEOs feel that they should make controversial personal statement, they need to step outside their roles in the organization. From here, they can make it clear to people that their statement is personal and is not representing the company. The fast food place should not hide its hate behind religion.


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