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Starlet Featured

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 Starlet is a drama that is centered on cross generational friendship between a young lady and an old woman. Jane lives with a Chihuahua named starlet in an anonymous apartment with two problematic roommates. The main relationship that is being developed in the story is that of Jane with an old woman who they meet in a garage day. In the first encounter with the old woman, she appears not impressed by Jane and tries to insult her. However, Jane buys a thermos from her and later realizes that there is money in it. She decides not to give the money back t the old woman, but she gets close with her and start doing her favors. This is a film that does not follow a predictable dramatic arc. Jane is involved in shooting porn although that is not the only thing that occupies her life.

 The era that people are living today is an era of reality show. From this film, there is a great difference that can be observed on how porn star is interacting with the audience today and how things were during the old times of adult cinema. When defining Jane, she can be defined by the way, she treats people other than by what she does for a living. This is the reason as to why the relationship between her and Sophie is extremely essential. Jane is a character who needs someone in her life who she will treat with kindness and will make her feel valuable and needed. By being part of the life of Sophie, Jane gets something she has been desperate for, and this desire makes Starlet a sweet haunting experience.

 The big picture                                                                                         

            The big picture is a movie that unpredictable, and it is also loose. It is extremely hard to predict where the movie is headed to in the next scene. Paul, the main character, is employed by a law firm earning a big salary and has a beautiful wife. Paul is not living his dream as he has sacrificed his life so that to provide for his family. The life of the character tends to change when he finds out that his wife is cheating one him. Paul decides to take care of this problem by accidentally killing the man. After realizing the crime, he has committed, Paul decides to fake his death and covers up then crime. He later steals the identity of the man and steals the camera of the photographer. He later flees off with the camera and pursues the career that he has always wanted. This is a must watch a film where it explores the side of the character, which the film makers do not pay much attention.

 The movie tends to take a sharp turn where one gets stagnant and becomes endless. Watching this film had an unusual experience as it is strange and poetic, and at the same time scary and beautiful. Making of this film was a fabulous job; however, it needed more character development for the supporting role. This would have made the narrative of the film to deeper. There are several shift in the movie that are wonderful that cause a subtly change in tone of the movie, but they do not interrupt the flow.


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