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USC Marshall Business School Featured

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USC Marshall Business School

 Part 1

Since childhood, I have had the desire to be a leader in business. A course in Business Management offers an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn business skills. I want to gain knowledge from school which I can apply in generating new investments and expanding family business. With business management, I can gain a structured insight into the theories and the practical dimensions of organizations and management and the changing external environment, in which businesses occur. USC Marshall Business School is my dream school. Marshall’s program for business management provides an understanding of complex and diverse business management processes in competitive environments.

 A look at the description of the USC Marshall Business School’s program for business management includes a focus on skills such as self-management, problem solving, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills. In addition to my childhood desire to be a business manager, I have been involved with family businesses. The exposure heightens the desire for quality business knowledge. At USC Marshall Business School, I will not only study in the classroom, but also participate in the school’s extracurricular activities. I will participate in activities that help build the people skills as they are vital in business leadership. In addition, I will solicit internship opportunities to aid experience of firsthand practice of business management. In addition to the knowledge that I will acquire from the great lecturers at Marshall, I will grow my social network. I will identify and engage with the right people; people whose business management acumen is exceptional. I will take advantage of the mentorship programs at USC to gain advice in aspects of business management.

 The USC Marshall Business School has international programs for students. These are exciting opportunities for sharing knowledge and gaining international business exposure. The university has a good blend of theoretical and practical units, ensuring that graduates have the knowledge and experience that is sufficient for business practice. The academic programs for business programs in china are academic-oriented, rather than practice-oriented. Admission into the business management program in USC Marshall Business School is a huge progress towards the realization of my academic and professional goals. My principal goal is to attain knowledge, experience, and build a social network that will foster expansion of family business.

        USC Marshall Business School is an institution that I believe will lead me to achieve my goals. It is the priority choice of business school for my undergraduate study. Its international approach to teaching and the practice-oriented curriculum make it the best school for a study in business management. The institution represents the United States value for innovation and leadership in business. Learning in the institution will facilitate the appreciation of the American system of education that fosters leadership in all areas including business management. The USC Marshall Business School is a global institution. It offers an opportunity for cross-cultural experiences, which define the nature of global institutions. The studies, therefore, occur in a global platform. It transforms students into global citizens. This is the basis for my application for admission in the USC Marshall Business School.

Part 2

       I like a case where my business professor invites me to a social event where I get to meet successful business professionals. I desire to meet people who have built their own businesses into internationally acclaimed organizations. For instance from this social event or party, I may meet with a person with whom I share the same vision. Through a conversation with the person, I can acquire an offer for an internship or job. With the job, I will gain mentorship and experience in my area of interest. In such work experiences, I can learn customer relations, the actual practices, and management techniques. I am curious to learn how people have become successful following times of tumultuous business. The determination to succeed provides great references for students who can then practice the lessons in real business situation. These experiences, as told fast-hand, can inspire a person into a great business person. These experiences will shape my business future. Attending business conferences, reading case studies, and participating in business exhibitions are the extracurricular activities that I want to engage in because I believe that they are a source of experience for business management.

        The study and stay in China has been fascinating. During this time, I sought and read case studies of the exceptional organizations and how they manage different business situations.  I enjoy reading success stories in the business world from which I gain significant experiences. I have a desire for business as both life-time engagement and academic progression. The family background and desire for business development strengthen the belief in my ability to pursue and be successful in business.  

           In China, I have attended business career events and so I am deeply informed on business education in the United States. The choice of United States is based on the country’s background in economic superiority. The country’s business schools are popular with success in innovation and exceptional curriculum development. This is the fact upon which I make my decision to study business management, in the USA. The USC Marshall Business School business programs are practice-oriented. I enjoy experimenting theoretical concepts in real-life business environments. I will apply the practical lesson that I will learn to institute innovative businesses back in China.

 I read academic material in business including books and financial magazines. I read because I am eager to learn new concepts in business management. I believe that the knowledge that I have on business practices can lay a good foundation for an undergraduate study.  I read these concepts because I believe in the creation of new knowledge and innovations.  By keeping in touch with developments in the business world, I am able to understand new technologies and how new knowledge impacts business processes. At this level, I am focused on the simple aspects of business including customer support and communication processes. With good knowledge of business process, I am able to participate in discussions and contribute. This is crucial in social networks involving people who are business professionals.

 I want to participate in discussions involving people from different backgrounds. Sharing diverse experiences creates an opportunity for learning different means of handling different situations. From these conversations, people learn the significance of social networking where people share personal experiences. This can lead to the development of close ties, through which people can understand each other’s moods. Knowledge of emotional expectations for business interactions is vital for maintaining sustainable business networks. Through social networks, I can expand my knowledge and experience in people management and information sharing. I consider social networking as a pillar of success in business management. Creating useful social networks will facilitate consultation even upon return to china. This can happen through the various social media networks. The purpose of these networks is consultation and discussions that will help in creating new business and expanding existing family business.

 USC Marshal Business School is an ideal school for learning and building experience on business management processes. The university program for business administration is based on innovative curriculum intended to enhance and streamline the knowledge of business as well as to promote practical skills necessary for every person. The university aims to offer experience and knowledge and experience in the different aspects of professional business. This includes the process of building successful business systems, analyzing and evaluating business organizations through management.  I am eager to learn firsthand how to deal with dynamic problems and the way to apply international methods in Certainly not the least of which, I am curious to learn about how to manage new problems related to economic development and how to apply international methods of business practices when I finally return  to China.

 USC Marshall Business School will enable me to gain experiences and knowledge in diverse areas including national financial analysis and international methods and skills of management beneficial to the evaluation of global and national business. The desire to join this great institution is based on the need for further personal development. I believe that my desire, academic background, and knowledge of the requirements for entry are in line with the admission requirements for undergraduate study in business management. I choose business management major it is my childhood desire. 


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