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Tracking the Meaning of Life Featured

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 Tracking the Meaning of Life

In this world majority of our daily surrounding is made or influenced by other beings. People’s actions are defined by people they interact with. Human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are affected by the real, implied, and imagined presence of others.  People interact with others form groups and create relationships. People are interested in being with others and develop a connection with other humans. They seek to show others that they have something to exchange, as individuals, spouse or members of a group. They view the process of interaction as two ways, in which the two parties benefit.  People struggle to show that they have attributes that make them create and maintain good relations. They show their values that make them fit in a certain group or relationship.

The meaning of life is acquired by our consciousness, inherited, developed and given content through units of culture.  According to O’Connor people seek to maintain maximum social contact. Therefore, meaning of life is culturally defined and diverse. The meaning of life is imposed through the social, ideological, cultural or economic influence. According to Tolstoy, life is absurd and has no meaning. The aim of each man in life is to save his soul. In order to save our souls, we must live according to God’s command and renounces all the comfort of life, must earn their living, be docile, suffer, and be merciful. Life involves fulfilling the will of God. Human beings can no longer adopt an existential attitude of life that embodies absolute, non-speculative religious faith, which precludes any other definition of existence.


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