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Statement of Support Featured

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                                                       Statement of Support

           Development is the way of the globe. In development, there are various factors affiliated to development such as economic development, social and political developments. Talking of economic development means; venturing into business activities such as promoting, selling, shopping and discounting as means of effecting business. All individuals are involved with business activities in one means or the extra. International development and management are a field that am immensely interested in, and wish to learn more about. During my undergraduate studies, I studied business management affiliated to rural and urban development.

        These studies enabled me to understand business management through working on projects involving management in urban and rural development. When carrying out one of our second year rural development project plan in home town, I discovered how children in rural areas were mistreated through child abuse activities such as heavy job of carrying 15 to 20 litres of water from the river and selling edible products on the streets. Instead of this children attending school they were busy doing business on the streets. When did my ground work survey on this matter I discovered that about 78% of those children had been forced by their relatives to create income for their fee and their home support.  This survey heightened my urge to deal with development issues especially concerning children and national development.

 I passed my Undergraduate degree with a GPA of 4.5. In the annual business management symposium competition all the groups I chaired managed to reach national levels. Am a self motivated person with intelligent leadership characteristics required for any organization.Furthermore, am also superb in co-curricular activities such as drama, soccer, swimming and basketball games. During the regional swimming games competitions, I managed to gain a cup and three medals all in first and category.  Currently, my financial status cannot support me in beginning and completing the Master of International Development since I have family members am supporting such as my younger brother and sister in college and high school.

My general income sources can only provide me with about $60 dollars a month and the above mentioned dependants; it becomes practically impossible to pay for my Masters of International Development Course. However, I believe there is financial help to support my Master in International Development Course at the University of Westminster. In addition, I have greater expectations that your institution will consider my humble request for financial support enabling me to sharpen my skills in development and management knowledge in Westminster University.

I have a successful record track in the field of development since I have worked with public and international organizations such as United Nations projects. In these projects, I worked as an administrator in international development and management. In the future, I want to secure a career in international development management of the child support initiative in Mongolia and the international community. When I resume in Mongolia, I shall support a child care development initiative to alleviate poverty and child abuse cases for children in rural settlements of Mongolia.   This course will empower me with wide knowledge about international management and development. Since we are currently living In a globalized community, this studies will help me in understanding how to deal with international development issues such as economy, social and political factors. Furthermore, these studies will empower me to initiate development of education systems in Mongolia. 

What should I write in my statement of support? 

             The statement of support is your opportunity to present yourself to the Scholarships Committee and demonstrate why it is that you deserve a scholarship to study at the University of Westminster. 

 In writing your supporting statement, you should seek to describe the qualities that you think make you an outstanding applicant in a highly competitive process. 

Most of our scholarships are awarded on one or more of three main criteria:

  1. academic excellence
  2. financial need 
  3. development potential (for international students only).

 Your supporting statement should therefore address 

  • How you meet the criteria
  • What you expect to gain from the opportunity of studying your course
  • How you intend to use your experience and knowledge in the future
  • Your professional experience and career aspirations

For international students applying for FULL SCHOLARSHIPS only

            In addition to demonstrating academic excellence and financial need, international students applying for one of our full scholarships also need to evidence ‘development potential’ and explain, specifically and in detail, how you envisage using the knowledge and experience gained from your course in the development of your community/region/nation upon your return to your home country after completing the degree. 

 Personal Statement

           It is challenging to remain optimistic about the development of my country, especially where the children’s rights are violated everywhere and everyday. Despite rapid economic growths and a high increase in Mongolia’s gross domestic product, thousands of children are bearing the burden of homelessness and poverty. As a result, these children drop out of school and face unemployment in most provinces. Since Mongolia underwent democratic changes, development issues that relate to children are not the focus of national attention. It is now time to change the situation.

             I have heard and believe that only 10 percent of the population is required in order to make the country a better place. I want to be among those who will make a visible contribution to the development of our nation.

With this purpose, I have decided to enter into the field of development and management in Mongolia, as for several years I consistently worked in management and administration services for public and international organizations (i.e., United Nations projects). 

I have received an unconditional offer to participate in the Master of International Development and Management Course at the University of Westminster, due to my ambitions and career goals to conduct fruitful and productive work to foster the development of the children’s sector. My correspondence with the course leader of the international development program regarding my study purpose and research intentions also contributed to my acceptance.

               Throughout my life, I have worked hard to effect beneficial changes within school and society. I sleep for no more than six hours on most nights; I have no free time, no extra income, nor any annual vacations because of my desire to meet my many commitments. In consequence, although I have not accrued any monetary savings, I have gained many priceless attributes that are useful to and imperative for my further academic and career achievements. Determination, teamwork, leadership acumen, passion, and dedication are just a few of these values that will guide me toward high achievement during my studies in the UK.

            I have detailed and prioritized my long-term career and academic goals. I aspire to achieve much more in the next few years, starting with the development of the educational system and environment for children in Mongolia. For example, I will do my dissertation on children’s development and rights, and formulate a project on school program “Life” besides the mandatory scientific lessons for all children.


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