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The Role Of Stakeholders In Implementing A Quality Management Process Featured

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The Role Of Stakeholders In Implementing A Quality Management Process

                  The stakeholders are perceived as the key assets of an organization, for they contribute to the growth and wealth a company. It is important to note the stakeholder’s role as being the power of influence and contributors of knowledge s in quality management process. The quality and implementation of work within the management process calls for the needed to create a quality culture based on the expectations and needs of the stakeholders. The stakeholders are also referred to as the identifier group and are known to have the interests, ownership and rights of the organization. The stakeholders are also involved in all the activities of the organization. They can pronounce their needs and influence managers of the organization with the aim of attaining success of the business. Through this influence, it is possible for the stakeholders to implement quality standards within their management process.

Their ability to be involved in the quality management processes varies according to degree level of their ownership control.It is crucial to understand the role of senior leadership and project management leaders so that the stakeholders understand and work together with them. They can work together to pull ad integrate a new business model, and add value to the self-regulation of the organization. The main role of the project management team is the implementation of quality management process. The responsibility of the stakeholders is to endure, monitor and guide the efforts of the organization and at the same time adhering to the ethical responsibilities and legal regulation of the corporate company.  The organization’s success mainly relied on the satisfaction and degree of loyalty of customers towards the company’s products. This means that it is important to consider the desires of the consumers, employee’s ability to deliver the desired products and the interest of the stakeholders as a means of providing high quality products. The important thing, therefore, is the collaboration and participation among stakeholders and the company’s management team as an important part of quality management success (Web finance, Inc. 2012).


                   The American Airlines is a travel industry with stakeholders comprising of government, employees, directors, suppliers owners, government agencies, and unions. The work of directors for this company is to implement quality management process and ensure the adherence of the laws. The directors also ensure the suppliers are of high quality, enhance customer safety.  Union members abide by the contracts and employees follow the set procedures. The employees work is to implement quality process by addressing issues that may tamper with quality, and maintaining a positive attitude towards the customers. The government and government agencies place strict regulations for fostering quality, and ensure the safety of passengers. The owners work is also to implement quality process in ensuring that the making of profits and prices are reasonable.

The suppliers ensure that their supplies are of high quality. The union role is to ensure the employee are treated fairly and offered competitive wages so that they can improve the quality process of the company.    American Food Group is another organization that ensured that quality management is undertaken for the success of its organization. The quality management process is implemented by all stakeholders at the corporate level to the suppliers of products. Government regulations ensure that the good produced are safe and of high quality to consumers. The suppliers also ensure that the supplied raw materials are up to the desired quality standards.


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