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We live in a world of differing and sometimes conflicting values. The question is how people deal with these differences. There is the question of whether there is a single moral of standard. Ethical pluralism is a strong concept that claims that there is no supreme cultural value. The main proposition of ethical pluralism is that individuals have many disjoin and irreducible moral values and that these values are not derived from a supreme value or hyper-norm. Ethical pluralism makes the case that conflicting irreducible values are what people in their lives. Ethical pluralism acknowledges that paradoxes and ethical dilemmas in our lives cannot be avoided; therefore, people should seek a common ground among conflicting values. Ethical pluralism assumes that there is no single truth; however, people should seek truth. It is best to avoid the extremes of absolutism and relativism. People should strive to seek the middle ground between absolutism and relativism.

People should accept a certain amount of uncertainty exists and should acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom within all cultures and belief system. Doing ethics is the process of following what has been agreed as the standard of conduct. In ethical pluralism, there is no agreement on what is morally right. Ethical pluralism does not satisfy extremist. Individuals have the challenge of knowing what is right or wrong. There is a dispute whether morality should be grounded on objective or moral standards. Some individual have conflicts in determining whether they possess the ability to make right moral decisions. In ethical pluralism organization, each person seeks to distinguish their acts through self-justification. There is a dispute whether morality should transcend the specifics of human existence. 


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