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Case Study

            Babies do not know right from the good behavior. They start learning through the cries for entertainment, comfort and for food. When babies grow learning takes place at a much faster rate, and this becomes the time when parents, caregivers and grandparents have to play a major role in building the temperament and personality of their children and also controlling their behavior. The problem addressed in this study is one that posse a major challenge because the parent is only saying that she receives advice from the pastor. The parent views beating as the only means of disciplining the child and this have impacted on the child behavior. The child has become violent and hits other children all around him.

           This problem involves ethical concern because it will first be essential for the parent to be taught other forms of, but this becomes a challenge because he only gets advice from the pastor. There is the need for the pastor is informed on the issue so that he can expound and explain to its members of other means of disciplining children. This problem is a responsibility and not a dilemma because I can talk to the pastor and inform him about the advice he gives to the church members that have negative impacts. I will, for example, tell him to dwell on other forms of disciplining children other than just focusing on using the rod. There is no need for legal dimension, in this case, not unless the parent badly hits the child. This is whereby the parent will be accused of domestic violence and child abuse crimes. My solution to this problem will be to seek advice from an early childhood professional who will explain to me and other members of the group about forms of disciplining children. This will greatly help us put to practice and test the efficacy of other means disciplining children. Education from the early childhood professional is, therefore, the best solution to this problem (Ebbeck. M  & Vaniganayake, M 2003).


Ebbeck. M & Vaniganayake., M (2003) Early Childhood Professionals Leading Today and Tomorrow. Elsevier Australia, p 121


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