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Wednesday, 27 November 2013 11:36

Facebook Fires Bazooka Featured

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Facebook Fires Bazooka

Arora, N. (2013). Facebook fires bazooka against Google, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry. Retrieved from


            The article reviews the need for phones to be designed around consumers needs rather than existing applications. The article mentions facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg statement that phones should be designed to suit consumers and not fit existing applications. With this in mind, the article mentions facebook new application, Home. Home application guarantees friendlier uses of the android phone users. The Home application regularly updates android phone users on any activities that could be ongoing in other applications that he owns. The introduction of Home apps introduces immense challenges to competitors such as Google and Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft who are yet to unveil similar user-friendly applications. Consumers interested in a user-friendly application such as Home are bound to migrate from these main competitors.

 About the Author

The article is written by Nigam Arora an engineer and nuclear physicist by profession. Arora is also an active editor for the Arora report that regularly publishes newsletters aimed at encouraging corporations to keep up with changes. Arora is also a contributor of Forbes news letter that also focus on changes across leading corporations such as Google, apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

 Article Analysis

            The article is quite informative and reveals the introduction of an application that will lead to stiff competition for other competitive technological corporation. The article indirectly informs the other corporations to become innovative and establish similar customer friendly applications. The article clearly indicates how each of the other corporations (Microsoft, Google, Blackberry and Apple) is disadvantaged by the presence of face book’s new application.  The article also introduces interested customers to the new facebook application about to be rolled out on April 12th. Overall, the article is quite objective and informative. 


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