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Koppean Climate Classification System Featured

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Koppean Climate Classification System

            Tucson has temperate winters and hot summers.  Tucson is cooler and wetter due to its higher elevation.   Although Tucson gets precipitation more than other locations in the desert climate, it has high evapotranspiration. Tucson gets 11.8 precipitations in a year.  Tucson has C climate according to the Koppean climate classification system.  The average temperature of the warmest month is more than 50° F (10° C). Also, the average temperature during the coldest month is between 27° and 64° F (-3° and 18°C).  The average annual precipitation for Tuscon is 0.9708in, and the mean monthly temperature is 70.5833. The physical location of Tucson affects its climate. Tucson evaluation is 806m above sea level. The city is located on the alluvial plain in the sonorant desert and is surrounded by 5 mountains.   The elevation of the city has influenced its climate including the summer and winter temperatures (Mc Brewster, Vandome & Miller, 2010).

              Huston has a humid tropical climate according to the Koppean climate classification system. A humid subtropical climate is characterized by humid and hot summers. Houston also has mild or cool winters.  Huston has  C climate  as the average  temperature of the  warmest month is  more than 50° F (10° C)  and the  coldest month is 27° and 64° F (-3° and 18°C). Houston is situated on the gulf coastal plain.  The elevation of the city above sea level has contributed to the cold seasons and warm seasons. The   downtown is 15 meters above sea level. The highest point is found on the northwest Houston and it is 38 meters above sea level.  The mean monthly temperature for Houston is 53.1667. The average monthly precipitation for Houston is 0.8333in (Mc Brewster, Vandome & Miller, 2010).


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