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Mini-Ethnography: Seaport Village, San Diego Featured

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Mini-Ethnography: Seaport Village, San Diego


Ethnography is a systematic approach to a social situation, considered as a whole in its own natural context. The basic purpose and starting point guidance throughout this research process is the understanding empathic phenomenon under study. Ethnography, therefore,  is interested in what people do, how they behave, how they interact, is to discover their beliefs, values, motivations, among other aspects. These studies are based on the data obtained from first-hand experience, to through interviews and photographs from their social context. The characteristics of ethnography as a form of social research, is purely phenomenological research that describes the social phenomena from the standpoint of participants, assumes relatively persistent retention by the ethnographer in the group under study or scenario, it is holistic and naturalistic ethnographies are very detailed because they produce different perspectives to conceptualize reality and worldview, and it has inductive character.

A phenomenological is interpreted viewing social phenomena "from within" perspectives of the social context of the participants enabling the researcher to have inside knowledge of social life. It represents a relatively persistent retention within the study group in order to gain acceptance and confidence. Once successful, one must understand the culture around them.  The educational ethnography focuses on exploring the daily events in school providing descriptive data about the media and contexts of the participants involved in education and so discover patterns of social behavior dynamics, such as those that occur in the educational context. The ethnographer's interests focus on the interactions that occur in educational settings that produce the interactions, values, activities and expectations. Pertaining to the preparation of the report, the report must integrate ethnographic clearly, present the theoretical and empirical work that supports the experience involved, and represent the results obtained for already established theory.  This paper, therefore, is mini-ethnography for Seaport Village in San Diego.

Seaport Village is a shopping and restaurant complex overlooking the San Diego Bay, California.  Seaport Village was built on a landfill over Punta de los Muertos, where the Spanish expedition of 1782 use to bury those who had died of sickness Loanda. In the following years, he had become a railroad where they unloaded the goods and transported eastward. This shopping village is home to over 70 shops, galleries, eateries in 90,000 square feet, or 8,000 m2 of waterfront. The English Villa is also a home to several separate buildings in a variety of architectural styles, from traditional Victorian to Spanish. Seaport Village was designed to be free of cars, four miles (6 km) runners instead of streets that are connected to several buildings.   It is situated in a walk able distance from the San Diego Convention Centre and the cruise ship terminal.  54 shops are along the corridor in order to walk, with souvenir shops selling San Diego to specialize in special dishes. For example, Seaport Village is home to restaurants devoted exclusively to salsa, music boxes, wind chimes, hammocks, kites, and drinking jug world’s largest. Around the area, there are several floats that provide transportation for tourists and carousels for additional entertainment. Seaport Village is home to four restaurants overlooking the bay; the Harbor House restaurant, Edgewater Grill, Buster's, and the Pier Cafe. In addition, this village a food court with several shelves of snacks that are open to families, visitors and tourists.

The seaport village is traditional to walk, admire the scenery, see the different businesses, relax and listen to music or read a book and enjoy a good coffee. It is a pleasant place where you can shop, stroll, eat or just enjoy the scenery; you can go with the family, romance, friends or even alone, is an ideal place to spend the best. Seaport village is really a beautiful place, at the edge of San Diego Bay, and there are several options for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Not a big place but enough, you can find curio shops and restaurants. Best of all is its prime location. From there, you can walk to a green park on the banks and other sites.  As a mini village, it comprises of a set of themed shops, selling hats, Mugs, art, Christmas decorations, among others, very picturesque. It is a place by the sea, has many shops where you can buy souvenirs of the place. However, I do not recommend the store of souvenirs as it is expensive and not very stocked, there are better in Horton Plaza; Tiene bridges, small ponds with local patos, Encontrará to eat at a walk, ice cream parlors and restaurants, choose one with sea view, after all  there are several restaurants. Carrucel in the center is great for kids because is not expensive. From there you can watch the sunset. It has a beautiful view, and you can see military ships docked long.

This point was our first stop when we arrived in San Diego and what an introduction! The truth is that the weather was postcard perfect, but then it often is here. Stroll along the "boardwalk" (actually not fact tables), watching the boats, examining the shops and soak up the atmosphere relaxed holiday. We stopped for lunch and ate at tables overlooking the sea - I rate the most beautiful I've eaten lunch and could have sat there all day – bliss.

This is a very nice place to spend the day at the marina. If you're there at the right time, you can take sailing races as we did.  It is basically a place to take a look at a few shops and art galleries. There is also the collection of snack shops, restaurants, vendors and entertainers industries. Also, a great place to stroll and enjoy the sea views and air conditioning. Finally, parking is a bit "expensive" even with validation, but not outrageous.  I loved it, and I found it excellent to buy a book in one of their stores and lie under a tree to read and relax in front of San Diego Bay. The stores sell many things you will not find anywhere else in San Diego. I loved being able to buy an ice cream and walk along the shore of the bay and power.

Every time I'm in San Diego I must go to this place since have those cute little shops and unique things. The food was a little expensive to buy that is typical considering it is a tourist attraction. I watched the nearby kids liked the shops and walked along the water line of the sidewalk for a while, which was nice. It's a definite must stop if you are in the San Diego area. Seaport Village is a beautiful place to go shopping. There are a variety of things to buy, eat, and a great view of the boats in the bay. There is a park can relax in or fly a kite! It is the impressive small part of the city. A short walk from Gaslamp or tram stops nearby, this place is awesome. Everywhere you turn just seems that the landscape in a postcard; brimming with cafes, restaurants, and cute little shops. The buildings are just beautiful.

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