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Advertisement Analysis Featured

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Advertisement Analysis

A brand is a title that grants the exclusive right to the use of a sign to identify a product. Some people emphasize the psychological aspect of the brand from the aspect that is experimental. The experiential aspect implies the sum of all points of contact with the brand, and it is, therefore, known as the brand experience. The psychological aspect, which is sometimes referred to as brand image, implies symbolic construct, which is created within people’s minds, and it consists of all the expectations and information and pertaining to the product or services.

The people in charge of brand positioning or aligning seek planning related expectations of the brand experience; therefore, creating the impression that a brand is associated with a product has certain characteristics or qualities that make it unique or special. Therefore, a brand presents as one of the most valuable aspects in an advertising theme as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the market. Careful management of the brand seeks to create a product or service important to the target audience. Therefore, creating clever advertising campaigns can be highly successful in convincing consumers to pay quite substantial prices for products that are actually very cheap to manufacture. A well known brand in the marketplace acquires brand recognition. When brand recognition builds a point where a brand enjoys a critical mass of positive feeling in the market is said to have reached the franchise name. Consumers may see a brand as an important added value to products or services as it often serves to denote a certain attractive quality or characteristic. People most often choose products more expensive brands based on the quality of the brand or reputation the brand owner.

Advertising is a mass communication technique, designed to disseminate information to the public on a good or service through the media in order to motivate the public to action. It is a scientific discipline which aims to persuade the target audience with a commercial message to take the decision to purchase a product or service that a company provides. This paper, therefore, aims to analyze brand advertising, by use of Johnnie Walker brand as advertised by the world’s popular athlete, Paul Tergat.

Perhaps, the main function of the direct advertising is to familiarize the potential consumer to the product, its name, the producer and the benefits of buying and inform sales points of the article. It also aims to encourage the sale of the distributors keeping customers and attract new consumers. The advertising reaches the public through the media, such as broadcast in exchange for a payment.

Brand awareness is an important way in, which advertising may stimulate demand for a particular product type and even identify and name to the product itself. Examples of this are in products, such as adhesives, textiles, lingerie, toilet paper, tape, glue stick, fire fighters, music players, refreshments. The brand reputation can be set to a greater or lesser degree depending on the product and market. In Texas, for example, it is common to hear people refer to any cola soft drink under the same name, regardless of whether it is actually produced by that company or not. When one creates both brand value that the brand has the ability to attract buyers, even without advertising, is said to have brand awareness. The greater brand awareness occurs when the brand is so prevalent in the minds of people who are used to describe the entire product category.

Sometimes certain products become relevant because of the publicity, not necessarily as a result of a deliberate campaign, but having relevant media coverage. On the Internet or digital technology is talk of unsolicited or spam the act of sending electronic messages such as emails, instant messaging, phone, or other means, without asking, usually in mass quantities. However, the Internet is a common method for developing interactive advertising campaigns that do not fall into the invasion of privacy, but on the contrary, carry traditional advertising to new areas where they can develop.  Therefore, the design of the advert is a major aspect, which impact on the public response, and ultimately catching the eye and the test of the intended user (O’Guinn et al, 2011).

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky, which is owned by Diageo, and its origin can be traced to Kilmarnock Artier, Scotland.  This  is the most  widely  distributed  brand  of  blended  Scotch  whisky  in the  world, and  it is sold  almost in every  country with  annual  sales  of  over  130 million  bottles.  Johnnie Walker brand was originally known as Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky, as named after Jonnie Walker after he began selling whisky in his grocer’s shop in Ayrshire, Scotland.  It is then that this brand became popular, and after   Walker’s death in 1857, his son Alexander and grandson, Alexander Walker II became largely responsible for establishing Whisky as a popular brand.  John Walker  brand, therefore,  have had  steadily increasing  sales, and in  2011,  this brand had  sold over  1 million  cases  in  the USA, Thailand, and Brazil, and it also sold 500, 000  cases in Australia  and Mexico.  

The slogan for the Johnnie Walker brand is “born 1820, and still going strong,” a slogan, which is still in use and has attracted a great deal of celebrities who have also endured the rough road and come up as champions, an example of, which is Paul  Tergat. Paul Tergat is one of the leading   retired world athletes, who finished second in his first three marathons. However, he continued marathoning, and in2003, he set the world marathon record. Therefore, Tergat was incorporated into the Johnnie Walker brand advertising as one of the world’s inspirational men.   In this advert, Tergat express his life in marathon to have a humble beginning, and came to second position after a second position. However, with his determination, he went ahead and finally smashed the world’s record What is given the most emphasis is the rough road of marathon. The  relationship  images  portray the rough implications of the  marathon  race; it is tough,  requires  persistence and perseverance, and finally  the  goal  is  met.  This advert relates to the Johnnie  Walker brand  since it  is  noble brand, which  started from the  humble selling,  gone through  commercial hardships,  and finally  has  become the most  widely  distributed  brand  worldwide; “it has kept walking.” The targeted consumers are the legends who have kept impressive achievements, therefore, assuming superior users, and leaving out the unpopular group (Kasaya Dairies, 2012).

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