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Family Values Paper Featured

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Family Values Paper

             This is a family values paper that will examine how a family works as a system in promoting the health of its members. It will describe the relevance of family in the health care setting using the hospital environmental set up. Identify the concept that is mostly used by family in the hospital setting and then determine if the concept is the best for considering family in the nursing health care. Finally, the paper will identify the nursing theory that is used in the hospital environmental setting.

Promoting the Health

In the current world, families come in different aspects such as dynamics and sizes. A family should be viewed more than people living under the same roof; hence it is a support element for all aspects of society health. The basis of a healthy family in the society is to promote the spiritual health, mental, physical, and emotional health of its members. It is with no doubt that family should be the client’s primary vital group in the society. A family member’s action is something that has a direct impact towards another member reaction. Family operates as a system with a purpose of promoting health of its members through the establishment of good communication, (Duhamel, 2010). Each member of a given family has a responsibility in the promotion of good health services, in the family. The ability to express experiences, thoughts, feelings, and concerns by any member of the family aid in strengthening the family. A family operates or works as a system through promoting understanding, trust, and commitment towards its members. It is with no doubt in order for a family to work as a system, it must be willing to work together, and if the need arise make some sacrifices for each of its members for the purpose of benefiting the entire family, (Friedman et al., 2003).

Concept of Family

Family as context is the concept of family that is most used in a hospital setting. Although some think that family is the primary focus, it is the background of everything. Evidence shows that health care professions may involve the family to varying degrees when making health care decisions for a member of a given family. This depends on the family support and dynamics from the family members. It has been discovered that family acts an important role in the dynamics and environment that relates to the client’s care. Based on the hospital setting, although a family acts as the primary support resource of the patient, the family does not contribute a lot for the client is the primary concern. It gives the hospital setting the mandate to establish and promote the client center view, (Friedman et al., 2003). In order to establish an environment that caters for families in the proper direction, nursing setting should consider the concept of the family by viewing the entire family as the client. Nursing setting should also view the concept of the family as the primary focus of care some that includes the client in the care provided. According to Friedman and the colleagues, the focus is on internal family relationships and dynamics, the relationships of family subsystems with the whole, family’s functions and structures, and that of the family that acts within its outer environment. The concept views the unique efforts that each member based on individualism contributes to the family, (Leahey & Svavarsdottir, 2009).

Nursing Theory

There are different theories that explain the values of family in health care promotion, in health care setting. Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory is one of conducive in the health care practice. The author examines on the relevance of environmental factors in illness and health. The theory is suitable simply because its view is that, on a pulmonary step down unit, environment is everything. Patients in such a situation encounter difficulties in breathing or they are put on a machine that supports their breathing. Having this in mind, Florence suggests that the environment around the society must be kept as natural as possible. In the health care setting, health care professions providing health services should not ware garments that have strong cologne or perfume, (Bell, 2009). Another thing is that chemical agents used for cleaning in the hospital should not have a strong odor. Rooms used by patients must be organized and kept clean always. Since patients are connected to cords and wires, nurses on duty should ensure that cords and wires are kept in an organized manner. They should be kept well in a way that they do not harm patients. At the time of discharge, the staff on duty should assess the home environment of the patient. It is not in order to discharge a patient who has breathing or oxygen difficulties to a home where there members of the family who smoke, (Duhamel, 2010).

In summary, patients and families are one and the same. The health care system cares for families and their patients in order to create a healthy environment. Family unit is a concept that plays a vital role in supporting, recovering, promoting, and preventing a family member’s health.


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