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Sunday, 30 March 2014 02:07

Dream Job Featured

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Dream Job 

              In ten years, I will be living in Garden city, New York.  The Garden city is a haven for the wealthy.  It is less than an hour drive from the “Big apple.” It is exclusive and luxurious. The garden is proximal to Franklin Avenue, which is the heart of the revitalized downtown district.  The city is also popular for its social amenities such as good schools, quality hospitals, perfect roads, adequate security and cool atmosphere.  

            I am a chief executive officer of an IT firm.  My job entails being a member of the company boards of Director and serving as the chairperson of the board.  My main responsibilities include drafting the income and expenditures of the company. I also submit proposals and suggestions to the board.  I also involve working in collaboration with departmental heads to draft annual reports of the company.  My daily functions include monitoring the daily operations of the company and supervising the operations of each operational unit.  

            My major will help me climb the career ladder and become a chief executive officer of an IT firm. My major will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a competitive world.  The skills gained in the course of the study will help me analyze situations and make wise decisions, which will propel me into the top of my career. The major will also equip me with fundamental characters necessary for my success. It will offer me an opportunity not only to learn academic materials, but also a chance to create social bond and networks, which will help me in searching job once I graduate. The pool of students in my class provides me with an opportunity to make lifelong friends and partners who will help in dealing with job related challenges.  The many case studies and practical scenarios in the course will help me gain practical knowledge to apply in the real world.

            I have futurist talents, which help me in to see the future. I can be able to envision the future which helps me with unusual and creative ways of planning and solving problems. The talent enables me to envision what to do when confronted with a problem. It enables me to use structure my problem solving such that each solution is a step to the future. I am also able to plan in line to my vision.  The talent will give me powerful basis for leadership characteristics necessary for my dream job.   My vision will excite my imagination, explore the market and establish a company that will give adequate returns.

             In order to achieve this dream job, I have to take risks so as to gain insights. I will set academic goals to project myself into a successful future.  I have to know and understand what is expected of me in each class and consult academic counselors to stretch my thoughts.  

I have to understand what I am studying instead of memorizing concepts.  Then I have to write a description of my desired future to help me to dream and work toward it. I have to take exams seriously and prepare for them thoroughly and consider them as a step to my future.  I will also have to join and work in groups so that I can perfect my social and leadership skills.

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