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Sunday, 30 March 2014 02:19

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Technology has become intertwined with almost all aspects of business.  IT is not only pervasive, but it is also becoming a primary driver of market differentiation, business growth, and profitability.  Some of the top ten IT trends promising transformation of business include personal cloud, strategic big data, mainstream in-memory computing, actionable analytics, enterprise App stores, seamless collaboration, active defense, software-defined networking, data velocity, consumerization of IT.

Cloud computing is no longer an emerging trend. Companies are seeking to create hybrid capabilities that combines the best cloud elements, mixing on-premise and off-premise IT and integrating cloud with legacy systems and traditional software.

Active defense.

Organizations and businesses will seek to adopt cyberdefense to ensure data security, cybersecurity and network security.  

Strategic big data

Business and organization need to focus on non-traditional types of data and external sources of data.  

Enterprise App stores.

The number of mobile app downloads is predicted to skyrocket within the coming years.  Organizations are expected to deliver mobile apps to employees through application store.

Actionable analytics

With the number of cloud, packaged analytics and big data increasing, organizations will need to perform analytics and simulations on every action taken in an organization.  Companies will use SDN  as a vital technology for delivering flexibility and agility, which are vital components in company differentiation.

Software-defined networking.

SDN is a radical new way of looking at network.  It enables IT to unleash the power of virtualization and makes it to migrate to the cloud.

Seamless collaboration.

There is an increase in social networking, which has brought new life into collaboration. It is expected that every new app will be “social,” which will push companies to create new users experience.

Mainstream in-memory computing.

There are expected changes in design and architecture which will boast performance and response time. This will enable real-time self-service business intelligence.

Enabling consumerization of IT

Consumerization has emerged as one of the key trend in business.   Businesses need to maintain information security and compliance, in addition to create plans and, policies.


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