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Monday, 21 November 2011 18:53

Earth History Featured

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Earth History


Recent studies have come to indicate that the louse contrary tom popular belief has been in existence even before dinosaurs became extinct. Ornithologist suggest that the lice can be used to track the evolution of various mammals and birds due to the fact that they are inherited down the evolutionary development of a species and since they attached themselves to one species for their entire lifetime, it is suggested that the first mammal they attached to was the dinosaur. The DNA differences of the modern lineages of lice can be used to therefore assess the duration of time passed since the variety of lice shared a common ancestor.

Impressions of birds and animals that lived over hundreds of million of years ago are being discovered to date. Once such impression is that of the mayfly, which one of the first flying insects ever existed is. Impressions and fragments of flying insects have been able to stand the test of time due to the fact that they were covered in sediments that buried and preserved the sediments and imprints

For the first time in the history of geology, the sex of a fossilized flying lizard that is assumed to have existed over i50 million years ago was determined. The fossilized lizard, known as Mrs. T. was found to be female, had an egg next to the tail and did not have a crest. The discovery provided vital clues to the mating habits of the creature and the presence of the crest in the male species

Collections of complete trilobites, ancient arthropods that became extinct over 250 million years ago, have been discovered by the geologist Brett Carlton. His analysis on various mass trilobite burial grounds indicates that they were buried alive by hurricane generated sediments. The findings indicate that the trilobites came together when they were molting for safety reason as well as mating purposes. Recent fossilized discoveries of trilobites arranged in rows also indicate their migratory nature.

The discovery of the pterodactyl Mrs. T. has for the first time made it possible for geologist to determine the sex of the pterodactyls, flying reptiles that lived over 250years ago. The finding answered the questions of why some pterodactyls lacked crest (female) and why others had them (male). It was also found out that Mrs. T had larger hips further cementing the theory that she was female.

After the discovery of Mrs. T. geologist have come to the realization that they can determine the sex of a fossilized animal by looking for its eggs. Physical examination of the fossils will also determine the structure of the animal for example to determine whether it is male or female. General physical structures and the size of the hips can also determine the gender of the fossil.

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