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Boston As A Focal Point Of Colonial Protest Against British Policies Featured

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Boston as a Focal Point of Colonial Protest against British Policies

Boston was considered a focal point for protest against British policies for many reasons. First, it was the first city in which the British colonialists landed in 1630. Just like the rest of the British colonies the British landed in Boston in an effort to preach Christianity as a result those citizens of Boston that failed to embrace the religion were evicted from the city. With the arrival and settling of the British colonialist, Boston became a rich city in terms of intellectual and education. Business and commercial enterprises thrived at Boston. With the growth and development so did the need to be freed from colonial rule increase. Bostonians were not pleased by the constant taxation by the British colonialist and yearned to be represented in the British parliament (Marchione, 2008).

The British forceful enactment of British policies and increasingly restrictive laws in Boston led to increased unrest and the increased desire for liberation. Events such as the Boston Massacre which saw five civilians loose their lives at the hands of the British troop further furnace the need for liberation which eventually is believed to have been the first cause towards achieving the American Revolution. The Boston tea party was another event that subsequently led to the independence of the city and subsequent American Revolution (Marchione, 2008).

Basically, Boston was the focal point of unrest due to the fact that the town became among the first to develop. As it developed the people became more intelligent and more conscious of their rights and what was right or wrong. With this knowledge individuals such as Hancock and Samuel Adams ensured that the populace was informed. This eventually led to mass protest and unrest, a wave that spread across the nations eventually leading to the American Revolution (Marchione, 2008).


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