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Thursday, 02 February 2012 11:49

The ‘I Used To Live Here Once Is A Short Story’ Featured

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The ‘I Used To Live Here Once Is A Short Story’

The ‘I used to live here once is a short story’ that is written by Jean Rhys. The story is well written and it clear and straight to the point. The story has been told from a third person narration. The main character in the story is a woman. The author has used different literacy elements to convey the message to the reader. For example, the author has used plots and narration to convey the message.

The author has used third person narration to make the reader understand the content. The woman narrator tells the study from a third person narration. The story begins with the woman standing on the bank, staring and remembering the stepping stones. The last stone the woman remembered was very important part of the story. The story ends with the death of the woman (Magil, 2001)..

The main theme in the story is the importance of being connected to the outside world. It is difficulty for someone to live comfortably when he or she is sheltered from having interaction   with people outside a culture that is not accepted. This is evidenced by the main character in the story. The main character in the story was not able to interact with other people from other cultures and this made it hard for him to go back to her childhood home. The main character in the story faced discrimination from people in the society. For instance, the white children in the   area ignored her and this   made the woman narrator realize she lived a different life from other people.

The woman narrator was given attention   by other people in her area, but faced discrimination from other people. The story narrated by the narrator is similar to Rhys story. The author of the book has faced discrimination from other groups. Rhys was different   from other people and was also sheltered differently from them. The author has used the main character to express his feelings. The author felt hopeless after people failed to acknowledge him. This is evidenced by the main character. The main character in the story was not happy with the behaviour of the white children as this affected his life negatively. Rhys found it hard to identify   himself with the black culture even if she could not be part of the culture.

The main character and the narrator did not feel connected to the outside world as many people never   cared for them. This in turn affected their feelings and relations with other people. The author has used the plot to convey the message. The plot is well developed as the author ideas in the story flow well. The author has included a detailed description of the main character so as to ensure the reader understand the content.

The author is writing about herself in the story because she was segregated from the black community in Dominica. Rhy’s was born in British colony of Dominica in 1890. She had an English father and a white mother. Rhy’s moved to England to attend school and this made her life difficulty. This is because the author did not have a strong connection with her roots and she felt alienated. Thus, the story reflects the life of the author in England (Magil, 2001).


Magil,F.N.(2001).Critical Survey of Short Fiction: Bharati Mukherjee - Mona Simpson. Salem Press

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