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Casey at the Bat Featured

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Casey at the Bat

The focus of this project is the use of books in teaching children of elementary school age various skills. The skills chosen for this assignment are vocabulary skills. To enhance the vocabulary skills I would make use of a book called Casey at the Bat by Earnest Thayer. A lesson plan that incorporates the book will be presented below:

Lesson Plan

Title: Introducing vocabulary use with Casey at the Bat

Grade Level: 3rd, 4th and 5th grades

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Overview of the Book:

The communication process using vocabulary comprises of six major aspects, which have been presented in Casey at the Bat. The book consists of a poem, which is a true representation of a model that learners can utilize in the process of thinking critically and creatively.

Purpose of the Lesson

The lesson will serve to introduce learners to the six concepts associated with communication using a given set of vocabularies. Therefore a whole language experience will be gained by learners using the book Casey and the Cat.

Objectives of the Lesson

Learners will think of different vocabularies that can be used to give a description of Casey

Learners will think of words that they can use to give a description of Casey’s feelings prior and after striking out.

Learners will think of personal experiences that are the same as those Casey goes through

Learners will be expected to write down different ideas that give an illustration of what happens from Casey’s perspective.

Activities and Procedures

I will read Casey at the Bat book or poem to the whole class. This will be followed by asking the learners to share as many different vocabularies or words as possible to give a description of the way Casey appears and acts. The answers that learners give will be charted.

Another talk is to ask the learners to give different words that can be used to give a description of the feelings of Casey before striking out and after striking out. Again, the different responses given will be chart down.

Another talk that I will conduct is asking the learners to give different responses to the simile “Striking out is as embarrassing as ___________ .Another simile that I will need learners to respond to is “Running home is as spectacular as ________.

The learners will be asked to use words to share personal experiences similar to those encountered by Casey. Finally, the learners will be required to make use of idea network to give a description of the happenings from Casey’s perspective.

Nodding of the head is one of the cues that be used to get a child’s understanding of the concepts taught in class. To know if a child comprehends the concept, he or she will respond promptly and with ease to different questions asked in class. The child will also play an active role in the learning process. To enhance comprehension in the case where the child does not understand, I will repeat the concept in a much slower and clearer manner.

Resources and Materials

A copy of “Casey at the Bat”, pens, chart paper, pencils, and paper


Thayer P. (2010). Casey at the Bat. Kessinger Publishing

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