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Theoretical Framework. Featured

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Theoretical Framework.

Theoretical frame work is the development of thoughts an theories which give answers to the research questions, and are grouped together to make themes which bring about the research subject. (Pequegnat, 2010). Theories are constructed to elaborate further and master a certain phenomena. It can be a phenomena related to relations, behavior or events. Theories make generalization about what is observed and they consist of models and set of ideas.

Theoretical framework is therefore the structure which can explain and supports the theory under study. It gives an explanation of the existence of the theory under study. It is also the theory which serves as a basis for the research study. In formulating the theoretical framework one should make sure they identify the basic theories for conducting the research. (Pequegnat, 2010). There is also need to master the proponents of the theory and the theory main points which support the research study. In addition to that the theory should be supported by the ideas from different experts. Illustrate it in a diagram and relate it to the area under study.

Theoretical framework helps the researchers in identifying the research problem, content under consideration, research questions and research methodology that could be used in identifying answers to the questions under study. (Daniel, 2002). This helps the researcher to write a concise paper in a systematic manner. Theoretical framework gives the study boundaries and parameters. After establishing the themes of the study, it becomes easy for the researchers to identify the answers to the framed questions from the subject of study. It also helps the researchers to limit their research on the given topic and avoid researching for information which is irrelevant to the study. (Anfara & Mertz, 2006).

Researchers are very curious of dealing with a broad topic, but with the theoretical framework they are always limited within the topic or theme of the research study. In addition to that it helps the researchers to identify clearly the research variables. Different types of researches have depended, moderate and independent variables, thus the theoretical framework gives a researcher ability to identify the variable to help them make a clear analysis of the study. (Daniel, 2002). Lastly theoretical frame work creates a framework which enhances data analysis and in preparing the research proposal by using either descriptive or experimental research methods.

Failure to have theoretical framework in a research, can lead to poor framing of the research questions; as it is very tactical to develop a research problem from a broad topic without the theoretical framework. poor data analysis will also be experienced which may end up giving the wrong inferences about the research. (Anfara & Mertz, 2006). It is very easy for the researchers to divert from the topic when conducting the literature review as the themes and thoughts are not well developed. The time required to conduct the research will be long, as theoretical frame work gives the guidelines for conducting the research which assist the researchers to conduct their research in a short period.

To improve my understanding of the theoretical frame work, I will look for the information concerning the framework formulation process, and identify different types of researches which have employed the theoretical framework concept; to have clear understanding of how researchers formulate it practically. Theoretical framework is very crucial when conducting a research and it should be employed to avoid diverting from the area of the study; which could result to poor conclusions.

 Example of the theoretical Framework on the effectiveness of the teachers’ in-service training.


Students’ Achievement.


Moderate Variables.

 From Http://Education.Astate.Edu




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