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Confidentiality & Security

Confidentiality & Security

Some online transactions may expose your credentials to malicious third-parties; we ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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We’ve been in the custom-writing game for more than five years, and we’ve never been more dominant. Our collective job experience is remarkable.

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Quality & Reliability

Nothing says reliable quality like return customers, glowing reviews, many words of mouth referrals, and 5-star ratings. We’ve got all that, and our quality improves by the day.

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100% Money-back Guarantee

We like to work in an environment where everyone’s satisfied. So, if you’re not happy with the custom essay you bought, feel free to request a refund.

How Our Custom Dissertations Service Works?

Custom Dissertations Service

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Our pricing system is synchronized with the order form. As such, pay the provided figure using your preferred payment mode.

Competitively priced services

Competitively priced services

Another feature that gives us an edge over our competitors is the price. We have reasonably priced our services while ensuring we still offer the best quality. Our affordable prices will help you save a lot while getting the best out of what you do.

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We’ll send your essay to your dashboard as soon as we’re done customizing it. We’ll send you an email notification, in case you’re on the go..

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Request revision if necessary

Sometimes something may be amiss. If that happens, feel free to request a revision. We’ll be more than glad to bring your draft closer to perfection.

Meet our Team

We have a large and diverse team of expert writers, researchers, editors, tutors, among other pros who make our work possible. To maintain the consistency of our work, we only hire talent from Native English speaking countries. Besides, we go a notch higher to outsource expertise from the top universities in these countries.

Our Expert Researchers

Our researchers’ pool consists of scholars and professionals who continuously work together to provide the best possible custom essays. Their many years of research and experience enables them to successfully acquire quality content from multiple sources and utilize them efficiently.

Great Writers

We have a dedicated group of gifted writers who are comfortable with writing out various types of assignments as per the client request. A good majority of them have certifications that go to show their level of competence and dedication. Therefore, our writers can handle any type of assignment from any field that is overwhelming you.


Once our resourceful writers complete an assignment, the custom essays are passed on to editors and proof-readers. They take their time to go through the entire composition to verify their correctness and identify errors. Their training and field experience has enabled them to develop hawk eyes, which propel them to identify the smallest holes in an essay or any other academic or business publication.

Our qualified essay writers will deliver your paper within the shortest time possible. Hire our services today and experience excellence!

Informed writers
Informed writers

Experienced support staff
Experienced support staff

Professional delivery

Professional delivery

Having Too Many Essays to Write Can Be Daunting

For the most part, school life has a fun side and a difficult one. The sudden freedom to do your bidding without having to worry about your parent presents an opportunity to explore various aspects of life. However, college escapades may conflict with your academic schedule, especially if your professor likes assigning essays for evaluation.To enjoy the best of both worlds, you must do a balancing act. Sometimes it works in your favor, and sometimes you may take an L. We’re here to ensure you never tap out on your essay. When you need reinforcement, we’ll be there to write your essay for you.

What We Do About It

Our custom essay writing service enables you to take charge of your essay writing assignments. For starters, we provide you with quality academic papers tuned to your specific requirements. Besides, we can also show you how to approach similar tasks. You may be able to improve your essay writing skills by just reading some of our work, which is always high quality and top-notch.
By partnering with us, you get to free up some time, which you can then spend in developing and enriching your social life or tackling other assignments. This relieves you of some of the pressure that you may have due to the immense workload.

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Why Choose Us


Your course instructor may ask you to write an essay on a particular topic, for a grade, or at least part of it. Naturally, students will score differently according to their writing and analytical capabilities. However, it’s almost a fact that the more time you spend crafting your essay, the more likely you are to score high grades. There’s nearly a direct correlation between the two.
When you buy an essay from customwritingtips.com, you can rest assured that we’ve given it the time it deserves. You can take that custom essay and take it to the bank because it will be pure gold.
Also, we strive to include relevant, accurate examples which go to show how much research work you have done.

Our Reputation

In this regard, it is safe to say that our reputation precedes us in the domain of custom essay writing. Having been in the industry for half a decade and counting, we’ve continued to gather insightful field experience. This has enabled us to improve our services and even provide better packages for our clients. Our excellent reputation can be attributed to a myriad of values, some of which include our commitment and reliability. These values have enabled us to deliver exceptional work, which manages to wow our clients consistently.


There’s nothing that says reliability more than someone who comes through 100%, every time you need their assistance. We want to represent that person. You can count on us to deliver bespoke content that is crafted from scratch, and we’ll deliver before the agreed deadline.
When you find a reliable homework helper, you can relax, and free up your schedule, to accommodate the things you enjoy. Yours will be to provide explicit instructions and wait for your custom essay in your email before the agreed time.

Professional & Highly-responsive support

We leverage state of the art customer management software to ensure that you receive prompt service.Besides having a fully automated order management system, we have around the clock human customer support that will respond to your queries in real-time. What’s more, we’ll send you an update on the status of your assignment, especially if it’s a big project.
Professionalism is the fabric that sustains a working relationship. That said, we strive to stay on top of our professional game to guarantee you have the best experience working with us.

How Are We Different from The Rest?

We do not just pride ourselves in helping you with your assignments. Our site, the homework village, is a hub for academic resources. Whether you’re a junior in High School, or an erudite pursuing your doctorate, you’ll find something for you here.

Supreme Quality
Supreme Quality

We strive to ensure that your essay will be of top-notch quality. We provide that the piece matches the quality considerations given by your examiner. Besides, our experts have a high affinity to the minute details that may sound mundane to other researches. This always turns out to be fruitful in the long run.

Strict adherence to deadlines
Strict adherence to deadlines

Our operational model allows us to adopt a dynamic structure which enables us to allocate enough resources where they are required. For instance, if there’s a lot of research work required for a particular task. We can assign more researchers to that project to ensure it is done comprehensively and meets the deadline. This increases productivity and client satisfaction.

Affordable Rates
Affordable Rates

We always strive to set reasonable rates for our services, which is usually lower than other service providers in the market. Our prices are accommodative of students and will not leave a ‘hole’ in your pocket. We typically offer promotions and discounts on various occasions, which will allow you to access our services at comparatively low prices.

Original custom essay

Plagiarism is frowned upon in any discipline and can constitute academic penalties. For this reason, we have established protocols that ensure that the work sent back to the clients is not plagiarized. We always ensure that the essay papers are passed through a plagiarism checker to ascertain that the document is original and unique.

secure payment options
Safe Payment Options

Your security is one of our top priorities. For this reason, we have provided a lot of authentic and secure payment options that you can use to make payment transactions. This ensures that your details are not exposed to third parties when you interact with us. Besides, these payment options offer flexibility and dynamism, in that you can choose whatever feels convenient for you then.

Unlimited Revision
Unlimited Revision

We’ve incorporated numerous procedures, protocols, and guidelines to ensure that you receive the best quality essay papers. However, erring is to man. So, in case you need us to revise your custom essay, do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Our comprehensive revision policy provides that you can request free unlimited revisions, as long as you do not stray from the initial instructions.

Types of Essays That We Handle

We offer a variety of essay writing services for various kinds of essays. Some of the essay types for which we offer essay writing services include but is not limited to the following:


We can write your thesis/dissertation and do all the necessary research work and eventually provide you with the final complete, high-quality essay. Besides, we can also do more research and improve your existing thesis.


Whether it’s a lab report, movie review, book review, or any other report type that you may need, we are willing and able to do it all. All of these are done within your stated deadline and meeting all your quality requirements.

Admissions essays

We can write you an impressive admissions essay that brings to light and emphasizes your strong qualities, something that will impress the admissions board. We have all you need to convince your administrators, as our team consists of professionals who have had experience in administration.


We will read and write that book synopsis that the examiner requested of you without you having even to have the book. Just give us the name of the book and how long you want the essay to be, and we’ll do the rest.


Nursing is a critical field like many others, which requires keen attention to detail, annotated bibliographies, and other tasks that may not be easy to handle. Thanks to our diversity, we can accomplish these tasks on time with little strain.

Computer science

Our team of computer science geeks can easily handle any type of academic paper and meet all the set deadlines while delivering on all the requirements. Rather than struggle, place an order with us today and let us do the work for you.


Our business experts will write your business essays with top-notch standards by incorporating the latest trends in the market today. Additionally, our writers will deliver an up to date business information in your article, thereby scoring higher grades.

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