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Grammar mistakes, spelling issues, among other writing issues, are a professional writer’s worst enemy. As a student, you don’t want such issues near your copy, as it may yield poor grades. Editing and proofreading are the primary tools we use to combat glaring copy mistakes and prevent your grades from plummeting.

How Our Editing and Proofreading Service Works

Writing complex papers can be daunting, especially if you do not have any prior experience. Luckily, you can still submit high-quality papers and meet deadlines by hiring a professional copy editor.
We look at every project with fresh eyes from the introduction to the conclusion. This meticulous approach ensures that we can catch even the slightest errors in your copy.
Follow these quick steps to request editing and proofreading services

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Share the details

Well, what does your editing and proofreading assignment entail? In brief, tell us what you need, specify the number of pages or words, your expected delivery date, etc. Also, attach any complementary resources.

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Release payment to your wallet

Our system will automatically compute how much you’ll pay for editing and proofreading. Use your convenient payment method to deposit the amount in your wallet. You’ll love to know that we’ll not release the funds until you’ve given the OK.

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Communicate with the writer

We’ll assign a writer to your project right away. Feel free to chat with your writer directly on our messenger to discuss the status of your project.

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Get your paper done

Once your order is complete, we’ll send you an email notification. At this point, you can trust that your document is in tip-top condition.

What Do Editing and Proofreading Entail?

Our academic editing and proofreading services not only involve going through your papers. There are several options that you can choose on our website. That depends on what you want us to do for you.

What is editing?

It is a crucial stage in writing that involves improving a draft until it is in perfect condition. During editing, a writer puts themselves through activities such as.
• Rethinking the draft’s approach
• Reviewing the drafts overall structure
• Focusing on the topic
Editing is a continuous process that takes time. It is repeated until the copyreader is satisfied that no more errors exist in the copy.Overall, the quintessence of editing is to review your written document to ensure that your ideas are apt and that the delivery for your text is just right.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading entails examining your copy thoroughly to detect and correct
• Typographical errors
• Grammar mistakes
• Errors in style
• Spelling mistakes
Before handing in your work, either to your course instructor or superior at work, ensure that you’ve proofread it carefully.

Who Stands to Benefit Most from Our Services?

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Students are the first batch of people we target with our exclusive services. You may need someone to proofread and edit your term paper, essay, or project proposal. We are ready to ensure you get the best quality. We guarantee you the best scores.

Businesses writing help


Corporations or businesses deal with several business documents, including white papers, marketing material, press releases, and reports. We provide proofreading and editing services. That will ensure stakeholders and customers find your documents meaningful and error-free.

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As an author, your work should not have simple errors that readers notice. Therefore, you need to get it to proofread and edited by experts. Whether it is a term paper, dissertation, or essay, we will ensure it is flawless. Our team has the right skills to maintain the tone you’ll have already employed.



Professionals are another set of individuals that requires our services. Writing a resume, email, or letter for a job opening requires that you be very accurate. You should ensure there are no errors in your documents. Our services will ensure that you do not lose a chance to secure a job.

Hire our Ph.D. and Master’s editors to undertake thorough editing and proofreading your papers today. We make your writing speak on your behalf.

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Experienced editors

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24/7 support

24/7 support staff

Why You Should Seek Our Proofreading and Editing Services

Having a third eye look into your work is one of the best ways to ensure that your copy is tight. Better yet, hiring a professional copy editor is a different animal.
It’s sad how minor holes in your copy can ruin your credibility as a student or corporate professional. To avoid that, you must be thorough with your writings.
Deciding on the provider to outsource your services can be a difficult task. That means you need to have reasons to choose a particular service provider.Here are the reasons why you should choose our services.

Proofreading and Editing Services

The home of professional copy editors

We have a team of well-trained professionals who will assure you of quality services. Besides, there are teachers for every subject, and that means you will not miss an editor. Also, the editors can work on academic papers from any level of education. Thus, the variety of our company should encourage you to work with us in your next project.

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Full control of the whole process

As a customer, you need to have control over the editing process. Thus, we allow our clients to communicate with editors. That facilitates them to take control of the process. Also, they can request revisions and communicate with the clients on any details. Also, they can communicate further instructions to their editors.
skills in presenting the researched information. Our writers have experience in various subjects. That means that one writer can help you in various subject lines.

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Overall checks

Also, we have highlighted some of the checks that our team can do. Thus, you can order any type of examination on the paper you want to proofread and edit. Besides, the editors not only do the checks that you need, but they also go a step ahead to do more checks. That is to ensure that the whole writing meets the needs of your institution.

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Line by line editing

Unlike what any their editor does, our professional editors check your work word by word. That helps them identify any mistakes that you may not identify by yourself. Line by line editing can also ensure that every line in your writing makes sense.

What Are Some of the Aspects Our Copy Editors Check?

There are various checks that you may order from our editors. That will depend on how you feel about your paper. You should find out what weaknesses exist in it and decide what check you will order. Here are some of the frequent checks we do for our clients;

Structure check

If you want a structure check on your paper, then understand that it means that. The editor will check whether you followed the right structure and whether all the elements you need in your paper are already present.
The editor will give feedback on your structure within the text. Also, they can make any necessary in-text changes to make your work look better. After making changes, they will give a structure check report. The check shows what your paper like overall.

Clarity check

You may also request one of our editors to do a clarity check on your work. What happens here is that the editor checks how you have presented thoughts. Every argument should come out clearly and logically. That is a move to ensure that the reader understands you.
Here our editor will check on how logic the story in your writing is. Also, they will check how well you have presented facts and opinions on the subject. They will also highlight any opinion that contradicts the real facts. Generally, your work will come out sounding factual and informational.

Reference check

Referencing is another skill that most learners struggle to understand. There are various referencing styles, and understanding each of them can be difficult. Besides, most professors or institutions will specify a referencing style. That means students have to use that style when handling assignments.
Hiring one of our professionals is a plus to your referencing section. Our editors know every referencing style, and they can help you come up with a good layout of the list. Also, they will follow the requirements of your institution.

Improve quality

If you feel that your work is not of the desired quality, you can find a professional look at it. Thus, when requesting our services, you can ask your editor to help improve the standard of your work.

Spelling and grammar

You can request our editors to help you with grammar checks. Also, they can help you check any spelling errors and edit them. Also, our team checks the flow of ideas in your writing.

Add more content

You can request an editor to add some sections to your already written papers. Sometimes, you want more paragraphs or more on the word count. Our team of editors can help you have more content as required by your tutor.

Layout check

The layout is another crucial aspect of your writing. Most people often think of the layout as text structure, but it is a different aspect. Sometimes, learners get the layout wrong, and that lowers their grades. The best thing is to have an experienced person check your layout.
If you request our layout check, an editor will look at some things in your work. For instance, they will check your table of contents, numbering, tables, and figures. If any of these does not look right, they will make the necessary changes.

Including tutors’ comments

Sometimes tutors provide students with instructions that are difficult to understand. Our experienced editors can help you follow the instructions. Also, they can edit your work to meet the requirements.

We Thousands Across the World and We Can Help You Too

For starters, we can help you improve your grades. Sometimes, you might begin on an academic task and get stuck in the introduction. Or, you may have brilliant ideas but lack a proper way to present them in writing.
First, we’ll ensure that your presentation of thoughts is on point, before proofing that you have followed every detail.
You’ll love to know that our team consists of well-trained individuals who understand every type of writing. So, the editor you work with will first go through your work. That means every addition or edit they make will follow the same style.

original Proofreading and Editing Services

Features of Our Editing and Proofreading Service

Searching for proofreading and editing services online can yield a lot of results. However, you need to outsource your work to the right people. Our team has unique features that help us to stand out from other companies. Here are some exciting features of our service

Well trained proof-readers

One thing we pride ourselves in is a team of top editors. We have built a team of professionals who can both write, proofread, and edit any piece of writing. Therefore, you should feel confident in ordering a paper on any subject. Our team has the best skills to identify the slightest mistakes in your work.

Customer support

Another essential feature we need to highlight is the 24-hour customer support. We have dedicated a 24-hour communication channel. It is through this channel that our customers can talk to us. Therefore, any complaint, additional instruction, or revision can get communicated easily.

Easy to use customer interface

Also, customers find the user interface on our site easy to navigate through. That is one of the many things that give us an edge over our competitors. A user-friendly interface enhances customer navigation on the site, and our clients appreciate it.

Easy ordering process

Also, clients must have a secure ordering process. Ordering any service from us is a quick and straightforward process. You can order a paper, and you will get connected to your editor within minutes. Also, the follow-up process, especially on revisions, is quite easy.

Safe payment procedures

Also, we keep our customer’s safety in mind always. That is why we have a safe way that customers can pay for the services they order. We protect their privacy and encrypt all the data they share with us. Therefore, you will not suffer financial losses when transacting with us.

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