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We aim to offer professional academic services to students across the world in the most qualified and simplistic manner. Our system is easy to use, straight-forward process and secure payment method. Our professional support staff are on standby to respond to any query emerging from our clients.

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The first step towards your order placement involves filling in the order form with the specific paper details. Such include the number of pages, the topic/subject, the discipline, the style of formatting, if applicable, and the urgency of the paper. You can edit the order details before proceeding to the next stage.
While placing the order, our elaborate pricing calculator demonstrates the total charge for the paper

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Review the order and the quote

As you fill in the order form, our responsive system will do the calculation for the order price. At this stage, the client reviews the entries to ensure that all of the paper requirements have been added to the order form. Some of the additional features that may be missing at this stage include:
• Table of content
• PowerPoint slide
• Preferred writer option
• Copy of sources
• Previous writer option

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Make order payment

If all looks well, just click on the checkout button and the system will direct you to the payment options. Our system allows our clients to make their payments in one of the most secure options in the world; PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Amex. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a notification email informing you of the same. Immediately, our support staff will get on the order, identify the best writer and assign them. Upon assignment, your order status will change to ‘Assigned’.

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Relax and wait for our experts to work on the paper

Our qualified writers will work on your paper and deliver within your stipulated deadline. Upon order completion, you will receive an email notification on successful order competition. While your will is available on your account platform, a copy of the same will be sent to your email. You can review the paper and leave back feedback for the writer to see. If the order needs some review, you can easily do so on the platform

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