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The Basics of Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive essays are academic papers written to convince the readers to adopt the writer’s point of view concerning a particular issue. Many students find the task of completing these essays challenging. Here are some of the basics that can assist you when completing persuasive essays. Writing persuasive essays begin by selecting an appropriate topic for your paper. The topic should address the issues that you want to discuss and should also be relevant to the readers. Selecting a topic an irrelevant topic may not generate interest among the targeted audience. The topic of persuasive essays should also be specific. The broad topic will be challenging to cover within the essay, while you should avoid selecting a very narrow topic that would not generate enough content.

The next important step when writing persuasive essays is to conduct thorough and comprehensive research on your identified topic. Make sure you collect as much information as possible concerning the issue you would like to discuss. While consulting material, you should also identify some of the ideas that may be used to oppose the stand you have taken in your persuasive essays. You should also address these points in your papers to make your papers more convincing. You should also ensure that you use materials that are reliable and up to date during research to avoid the inclusion of inaccurate and redundant information in your papers. Avoid the use of non-academic sources such as free encyclopedias while writing your persuasive essays as information contained in such materials cannot be validated.

The third step is to outline your persuasive essays. An outline is generally a list of significant points that your plan to discuss in your papers. An essay provides the writer with a framework that guides the writing process of persuasive essays. Regardless of the topic of your paper, the outline should contain three broad sections. The first section is the introduction. This introduction section provides a summary of what has been covered in the paper and state the thesis of the essays. A thesis statement is usually a sentence that communicates the writers’ point of view concerning the issue of discussion. For example, if the topic of your paper is “same-sex marriage in the American society,” your thesis statement may be; “same-sex marriages should not be decriminalized in the US.”   The introduction sections of your persuasive essays should also explain why the issues being discussed are essential to the audience.

The discussion section should be the second part of your persuasive essays. This section provides a detailed discussion of points that support the thesis of your paper. The points should be arranged in paragraphs with each paragraph discussing a single point. There should be a clear transition between paragraphs. This will make it easier for the reader to follow the argument presented in your paper. Arguments presented in your persuasive essays should also be supported by evidence from other sources. This will help you in developing a more cogent argument. The final section of your persuasive essays should be the conclusion section. This section also provides a summary of what was discussed in the essay and restates the thesis statement. The conclusion sections should also explain how the argument included in the body of persuasive essays has supported the thesis of the paper.

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