Turabian Formatting Style

This style was designed by Kate Turabian who was a member of staff of the University of Chicago for almost thirty years. She devised a guideline for writing dissertations. It was later named after her. It is similar to the Chicago Style in some respects. Students majoring in history are highly advised to learn how to use this style.

The Turabian style provides guidelines for formatting the title page. The title of the paper is typed quarter way down the first page. If the paper has some subtitles, they are typed below the title using both capital and small letters. The author’s name then follows halfway down the page. Next is the subject, followed by the name of the supervising professor, the school, and the date of completion.

Citations Style

This style has two key documentation styles. These are notes-bibliographical style and referencing list style. The use of bibliographical style is common in history, art disciplines, and literature publications. It makes use of footnotes and endnotes. Material from a source cited in a document is given a numbered superscript at the end of the statement. The same applies to paraphrased information and quotation of text from a particular source. The reference list method is often applicable in physical and social science disciplines. This entails providing summarized details about the cited text at the beginning. This is achieved by highlighting the name of the author and the date it was published.

Turabian Referencing

 A reference list with the details of the source document is then written down. The Turabian style follows the alphabetical and chronological order. This enables readers to hastily identify references on the citations in the manuscripts. In a situation where one author's work is cited more than once, the citations are written down chronologically. Citing an online source follows the same guidelines as those used in citing a text source. The titles in Turabian style papers can be italicized or underlined. A combination of both is also acceptable.

In writing a footnote in Turabian style of referencing, the first note gives relevant details about the origin of the information. It comprises of the author’s name, the title of the source, the publisher, and the city where it was published. In this style of referencing, endnotes and footnotes start with a numbered superscript, which acts as a guide in writing the reference list.


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