Customer satisfaction is a key aspect to each business entity. For the airline industry, ensuring that their customers enjoy their flights and thus have a good flying experience implies customer satisfaction. Thus, the airlines have to shape their services in such a way that their customers are satisfied. This can be achieved by concentrating on the preferences of their passengers. Further, the world is dynamic and thus the market demand also changes. Thus, airlines also concentrate on the market demand when changes their services. In their service improvement, the Boeing and Airbus airlines chose the Boeing 787 and Airbus A-380 respectively.

Boeing 787

Boeing 787 was the first new commercial airline that the Boeing Company released into the market after a decade. Even after the company had suffered great losses and even giving up its dominance of the commercial airline that it had held for decades, the Boeing Company still had high spirits because of the Boeing 787 plane. Even before the airline had taken into the skies, the company had already sold out its three year operation and received big orders. This shows how great the plane is. According to Thompson, this is the ever seen plane that is most complicated. The plane instead of being built of aluminum like others is made of a lighter carbon fiber. It is efficient in fuel consumption because of its composites use and also because of big fans that are used in the engines.

The Boeing Company considered that in the future, the airline business will change. This will be in that medium sized planes will be preferred to the large planes. This is because the business is transforming to having point to point nonstop flights which gets rid of having to change planes. The company sees that the market of commercial aviation may double in 20years. Thus, the passenger demand will be high and also the passengers will be more sophisticated and need quality services. The company made the 787 plane with the believe that passengers will need to frequently fly nonstop between major destinations. This Boeing 787 is made to fly without stopping from almost all global cities that is from one city to the other. The company projects that the demand for flight will change to freighters from the current passenger airplanes. As a way of taking care of the future market demand of the passengers, the Boeing Company considered that in the future, the market would be for airplanes that are twin-aisle.

The Boeing 787 is the most successful plane to be launched and thus earns the company a good reputation. As Kenneth G. Price cited, the Boeing Company is trying to ensure that they reconnect their passengers to the experience in flying. Their Boeing 787 offers the passengers more comfort, it is improved in terms of efficiency and has enhanced environmental performance. The model of the plane is that it can fly for long distances and at the same time ensure the comfort of the passengers. Customer care is also one of the considerations that the Boeing Company made. For instance the health of their passengers. The company considered the sicknesses that people suffer from due to altitudes for example headaches. Thus, the plane is made to allow for pressurization at 6000 feet. Further, the company consulted its customers and thus designed the plane with higher humidity as well as more headroom. To also ensure that they met the preferences of the passengers, the Boeing 787 was fitted with large windows.

Airbus A-380

This is the ever largest passenger jet to be made. Though the Airbus A-380 is not the first large airplane, it is essential towards potential growth. According to the Airbus Company the size of the plane is very essential since the larger the plane is, the larger the profitability and this is taken as per unit. This is an airplane with a big body and large wings and thus making it heavy. Being a large airplane, the A-380 decongests the airports and also reduces crowding in the sky.

The company believes that the traveling potential will increase and by 2029 in that 5.8 billion people will want to travel by air. As these numbers of passengers continually rises, the airline realized the need to have a jumbo airplane. The plane would be able to fly to major airlines home bases. The flight would also lead to increases in the airline productivity since it frees growth slots. With the market expected to grow, Airbus believes that larger aircraft would be needed for this growing airplane demand. The airline focused on getting 50% of the market. The aircraft would be effective for use in the large international centers and those routes that have experienced massive growth. As a means of considering the market demand, Airbus took into consideration the fact that emerging markets are dynamic and becoming more liberalized. Further, they considered traffic growth that more efficiency is achieved in adding capacity other than frequency. To further cope with the needs of the market, the plane could find use in both internal and external needs.

The company made the airline with the consideration that they needed to restore their customers’ confidence and this could only be achieved by delivering on the made promises. For example, ensuring that passengers do not experience any delays. This is because the company had suffered a lot in terms of customer trust and confidence in their services for instance, customers withdrawing from the use of their services. Considering the preferences of customers in other markets outside the United States, Airbus realized that the demand was high on the need to go to major west cities other than having point to point travel. Thus, this would mean that larger airplanes would be needed. Therefore the company believes that the size of the airplane matters more to the passengers that frequently having nonstop flights.


The two airlines considered different scenarios of the market when making their planes. For instance, the Boeing Company considered the scenario of passengers need to frequently have nonstop flights. On the other hand, the Airbus company consideration was that the size of airplane would increase in the future. The Boeing Company chose the Boeing 787 because of its being economical in terms of fuel consumption. This was because of the use of fuel economical composites and further, it was lighter due to the carbon fibers used in place of aluminum. Among the passenger care needs that they considered were altitude sicknesses and thus maintained their plane to be pressurized at 6000 feet. On the other hand, the Airbus Company considered that customers wanted more capacity other than frequency thus leading to traffic growth. The plane would also be effective in large international airports and big routes thus decongesting the airports and reducing crowding in the air.


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