The essay presents an argument of whether students should pay for their fees especially in college or the parents should finance the learning of their children all the way. These are especially people who can make their own decisions without involving their parents. Further, this is the stage in life where people should be deciding on their future lives. It is true that there are those people who genuinely cannot put themselves through school. This is because they suffer from various disabilities.

However, most of the students who depend on their parents for their fees even at adult age have a certain attitude. Some people support that parents should be responsible for the education of their children. On the other hand, “the notion that parents must finance their children’s education is ridiculous” (Rock-Richardson, 2000). As grown up people, the students should start taking responsibilities for their lives.

This implies that they should be hardworking and find ways of financing their education. This can be achieved by working on part time basis as they study. This helps them become better managers of their money as well as time. They will have to balance between time for study and work. There is a believe that happiness and financial stability comes as a result of individuals learning money and time management early and especially when in college.

Students in college can thus pay for their college fees. When they become over dependable, they will tend to be luxurious and lazy. This affects them even in their later lives. However, this does not imply that parents should leave their children on their own to suffer. They should give support when necessary and this enables students to learn how to live in a hardworking way.


Rock-Richardson, A. (2000). Pay your own way! (Then thank mom). Newsweek, September, 2000.


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