Effects of Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark assessments are especially essential in determining the progress of the learner based on the various subjects that are included the assessments. Learners who are weak in various areas are closely monitored and relevant guidance is offered so as to improve their overall performance. This is especially more efficient if the tests are given each month or several times in a year. Teachers who create their own benchmark tests provide an equally significant ground for determining the areas which are quite difficult to individual students or a specific group such that arrangements are made for remedial classes.

Learners on the other hand are able to identify which areas they need to put more effort on such that they dedicate more time for studying the area until the challenge is comprehended. Benchmark assessments also act as a wake up call for the learners to engage their teachers more closely in their studies as well as seeking academic help from relevant people be it teachers or parents back at home. This involvement of both the teacher and the learner towards achievement of the desired results is a major hallmark in benchmark assessments.

Benchmark assessments act as motivators to student involvement in their learning by increasing responsibility and dedication to work hard to reduce disparities in the examinations. Teachers who are exceptionally interested in boosting the overall performance of students increase the need for learners to take their studies more seriously by constantly reminding them that the can achieve better grades by working hard.

Therefore, benchmark assessments are essential for grade improvement especially where the teacher and learner cooperate during and after the assessment. 


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