Bill Conference

Bill: Immigration bill

Presented by: Ralph Hall

Representative for: Texas

The position of the representative about the bill is that the immigration bill will work to help solve some problem in the country like the brain draining that has been occurring as a result of educating of illegal immigrant who are young and then deporting them to other countries. Here the country is left faced with problems on how to hire and retain legal workforce. And the challenges are also face by the law enforcers on immigration in addition to the fighting of crime in the land.

According to the bill it will increase border security and strengthen interior enforcement. In keeping of the pledge of the bill troops will be provided nationally. The local enforcement personnel have the inherent authority to assist in the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. Terrorist entry will be barred from entering the land by mandating of additional screening security for visas which are of high risk.

Despite these developments in the bill which has come a long way I am opposed to the immigration bill as it is for now. This is because it has some form of amnesty. It forgives people whom break the laws and regulations of our land.

I urge that there be clear regulations to safe guard our borders from the attack by terrorist and other any entry of unauthorized people in this land. This will avoid repetition of history of what might have happened in the land as a result of terrorism activity in the land.

I ask that you reject this bill and don’t quit the fight but come up with a true immigration reform bill that will safe guard the interests of the greater majority of Americans.


Zach S. (2011). Hot Docs: Government documents, resources and service 201. Georgia: Zach S. Henderson library


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