Creating A Climate For Change

Establish a sense of urgency

In most organizations, creating a climate for change usually starts by establishing a sense of urgency. This is usually done by the top management after realizing that there needs to be a change in activities of the company. In most circumstances, change is required if something is not going as expected in the organization. It could be a decline in revenues, loss of market share among many other factors. In the first organization, I ever worked in this took place after the management realized that they were facing intense competition from new entrants. All employees in the organization were notified and the importance of adopting new practices was communicated.

Form a powerful guiding coalition

The group that was advocating for change in the organization constituted of individuals who held top ranks in the company. The chief executive officer, the chief financial officer and four other top executive members formed the group that was to steer the company to change. Since the group constituted of the leaders in the organization, I among the other employees were convinced that there needed to be change. Jacobides. M. (2007). This would not have achievable if it were advocated fro by low level managers.

Create a vision

After the managers had convinced all human resource in the organization that there needed to be a change, they then conveyed the vision. This was necessary as it enabled the employees in the organization to have a focus. I personally when performing my duties and tasks was able to link my performance with the vision that had been developed. It, therefore, resulted to effectiveness and efficiency.


Jacobides. M. (2007). The inherent limits of organizational structure and the unfulfilled role of hierarchy.



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