Commercial Transport

Just like any other collaboration, DLA and USTRANSCOM have a common goal in war fighting activities. Their work is to work hand in hand so as to ensure that America has the reliable logistics for its warfighters. DLA works on the basis that warfighters should not lack whatever they want and at the same time the required service or item has been delivered on time. USTRANSCOM and DLA have partnered so as to improve transport modes and urgency of the transport so as to enhance reliability of the services to the warfighters.

USTRANSCOM has qualified employees who use their knowledge such as Shively who has been providing their skills so as to ensure that DLA has managed to deliver whatever is required within the shortest time period. Both companies conduct frequent dialogues which help them determine ways on which they can manage to deliver desired services to the warfighters, (Military logistics forum, 2011).

Sharing of information between USTRANSCOM and DLA is one of the main strategies these companies have been applying so as to run their activities efficiently. With sharing of information, these companies get a greater chance of selecting the best and effective strategy to be implemented so as to achieve its goals mission.

One of the services that the other company doesn’t have is supported with the other so as to ensure warfighters have managed to the right items on the right time. No delays are experienced simply because USTRANSCOM provide reliable transport systems while as the DLA provides systematic knowledge that will be deployed in the course of operations. USTRANSCOM in line with DLA has enabled quality logistic system to be implemented, (Stack, 2009).


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