Community-Based Policing


Anticipated crime cases within the communities are preventable, when the community members get proactive in community-based policing. This situation in most cases, does not work because some citizens tend to fear the reparations imbedded; such as counter attacks by the robbers and the long prosecution procedure as well as, witness process in court because of alerting the police. Approaching this situation boldly in the spirit of assisting the community in fighting against it, is the most important factor to consider, since taking this situation for granted does not solve this matter.

On solving this situation;

I would make sure that, I created rapport with the subject by first befriending to help him open up and share with me the reason to why he is engaging himself in this desperate situation. In trying to find the protest or agitation of the subject, I would advice him on how to avoid engaging in unlawful situations as such by working out his challenges in a positive way other than taking the wrong path. Incase he does not seem to conquer with my advice and shows desperate intents on continuing with crime i would reprimand him on the serious consequences awaiting him as I surrender him to the authorities immediately.

The documentation required:

To be included will be my; contacts, names and business or residential location. followed by evidence put on writing. This report will be discussing the whole criminal activity data got from the crime scene, inclusive of the subjects protest written in detail. Further more this suspicious activity would be detailed with the original information backed on recorded conversation over the phone to present substantial evidence to the police.


As much as we want curb crime cases in our communities, citizens with good intent to fight crime must take action with an immediate effect. It is also important for citizens to understand why law breakers engaged in these awful activities through creating rapport between themselves and the law breakers. Finally, reporting any anticipated criminal activity should be mandatory to all citizens, since now technology has advanced and you can now report online incase there is a failure in telephone communication.


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