Comprehensive Technology

The aim of the comprehensive technology plan is to incorporate technology into the normal academic curricular in order to attain academic excellence. Through technology, the learning community would be able to interact more effectively, work productively and have easy access to information. Moreover, classrooms would be connected with the information technology resources within the community, schools and even on globally. Through technology, students would be motivated to become experimental and active learners. It is therefore clear that my comprehensive classroom technology plan would lead to increased efficiency and productivity in both teachers and students.

According to research studies, the key objectives of a learner within a technologically equipped educational setting are to developing ideas and concepts, learning how to think as well as solving various social and practical problems. Research further indicates that incorporation of information technology into the school curricular enables a school to employ effective knowledge construction tools. Students are motivated to make use of technology in order to promote inquiry-based form of instruction and learning. When used effectively as a communication, organization and research tool, my comprehensive classroom technology plan would have a great impact on the entire learning process (Frei, Gammill and Irons, 2007).Through my comprehensive technology plan, students would acquire the relevant skills needed for evaluating and solving different problems. Moreover, it would give them skills that would help them communicate and write effectively. The plan give students a chance to organize, select, search and present data from different sources of information technology.

Moreover, students would be able to carry out experimental studies that deem infeasible and this entails interpreting, analyzing and evaluating data and information. The other point that is worth noting is the comprehensive technology plan would enable students participate actively in problem solving and decision-making processes. It can therefore be presumed that my technology plan that integrates information technology into the school curricular is a powerful tool that would enable the entire school community to work towards the accomplishment of a common goal.

The learning outcomes would be greatly supported through enabling students to make use of innovation and creativity, provision of unlimited and timely access to information, promoting quality thinking skills, provision of diverse modes of interaction provision of time-effective and efficient utilization of resources and time for learning, instructions and administration processes (Frei, et al, 2007).Students’ productivity would be greatly enhanced through the comprehensive technology plan sue to the fact that students would be able acquire workplace skills as well as learning skills.

The other point is that students would be able to come up with strategies needed for critical and creative reasoning as well as problem solving strategies. Development of process skills is also highly supported by the technology plan. Finally, the role of the plan in fostering innovation and creativity in students is the other way through which the degree of productivity could be greatly enhanced. Through the plan, it would be possible to develop technology-based skills that function in improving the entire learning and instruction process. Increased efficiency would be witnessed through the utilization of technology as a teaching tool.

Examples of the tools include the sue of web access for research process, utilization of projectors and LCD panels during group presentations and the use of CD-ROM as instructional materials that are non-printable. Maximal efficiency would be achieved through frequent use and utilization of technological tools in routine learning activities (Frei, et al, 2007).The comprehensive technology plan requires instructors to teach content that is centered on technology. This would enable course based on technology to be offered in the high school level of study. These courses include programming, computer-aided design, network administration and hardware repair.

By offering such courses, students would be armed with the relevant skills and ability to enable them work productively in technology-based working environments. This is beneficial to the entire community since instead of depending on the expertise from external sources, the community would be able to hire their own members. Through the use of technology presented in the plan, teachers would be able to have easy access to information and data about students. Consequently, this would result to enhanced instructional management and business operations within the instructional setting. This implies that the integration of information technology will increase efficiency in teachers in terms of operations and administration.

In order for students to achieve excellence in a learning environment that is integrated with technology, they need to be taught the relevant skills needed foe effective utilization of technology (Frei, et al, 2007).My comprehensive technology plan would enable students as well as teachers to acquire skills needed to work in a technological environment. This would in turn lead to increased efficiency and productivity in both the instruction and learning process. The plan necessitates the staff to have a similar or higher degree or technological competency compared to students. The faculty and staff would be highly competent and proficient in working with office applications such as spreadsheets and word processors. In conclusion, it is evident that the comprehensive technology plan would increase efficiency and productivity in not only students but also teachers and the entire school community.


Frei, S., Gammill, A., & Irons, S. (2007). Integrating Technology into the Curriculum. Shell Education



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