Corporate Solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle

For a business to be successful, it should focus on its clients and ensure that their problems are solved. This is what in offering corporate solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle, Barge referred to as making the organization more solution-centric (Gulati, 2008). The design challenges at Jones Lang LaSalle can be diagnosed by applying the Galbraith star model and the Goold and Campbell's nine tests. One of the aspects that Barge considers as essential is the managers’ role. In any organization, processes can only be effected if there is information flow. Thus, as the star model suggests, the managers should ensure that there is good communication within their organizations. There are also levels that managers should control and thus it is them who influence the behavior of employees. This can also be taken from the aspect of the people’s test. According to Goold & Campbell (2008) managers should ensure that the organizational design reflects how well people are motivated, their strengths and weaknesses.

Another aspect which is considered is the need for organizational restructuring. This is to make it more integrated. The Galbraith star model cites that the structure of the organization should define well the power of making decisions (Galbraith, 2010). The trends in the industry and the increase in competition are also considered in the actions that are essential in offering corporate solution. This can be linked to the feasibility test which questions the help that the design offers in new strategies development and adaptation to changes in the market.

These approaches are advantageous in that the needs of the customers who are key to running of any organization are taken into consideration. The approaches are more focused on the organization leaving out the general society. The consideration that can be added to the approach of Barge is the corporate social responsibility. The company should act towards ensuring that the society they operate in is satisfied.


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