Using Hand Held Devices to Improve Customer Experience

Inventory systems are among the key components of any successful business. But just like dismissal of public relations, some organizations don’t realize the importance of maintaining a comprehensive and efficient inventory system. However, this goes a long way to point out to the company which parts in the product cycle needs to be implemented.

Companies that do not track their inventory records end up losing a lot of business. This is due to overproduction of goods that may not be of immediate need to the consumers. Some renowned companies like, Johnson $ Johnson have efficient inventory systems that help them in the production of their products. 

The realization of having an effective inventory system is what led Home Depot Inc. to introduce handheld devices to ensure customer satisfaction. The handheld devices are in a position to alert the store agents when they are running out of key products for immediate replenishing. This way the customer will always get the products they need when they need them

Secondly the hand held devices automatically update the Central Inventory System. This assists the management to know which products are in high demand at which geographical location and in which season. This ensures that the company manufactures and supplies products that are in high demand and avoid shortages which inconvenience the customers.

Finally using the hand held devices, inventory control is real time. This ensure that what is produced is directly proportional to what the customer needs, thus certifying that the products are not out of date.

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