Ethical Guidelines for ECG

Ethical guidelines are important in an organization, in a business and the entire community as they govern the behaviors of the employees and the manner in which activities are carried out in the organization. The guidelines are used in an organization well so as to make sure that the institution achieves the goals set. The guidelines are incorporated into the code of conduct in the company and all the employees are committed to follow the ethical guidelines established (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003). The following guidelines are to be incorporated into the code of conduct for expert consulting group. The expert consulting group depends on employees who are serious, responsible and engaged and are devoted in making the organization achieve its objective. These ethical guidelines are developed so as to clarify the ethical standards of the company.

The guidelines are aimed at developing the culture of the organization and the behaviors of the employees so as to reflect the values that form the foundation of activities in the expert consulting group (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003). The values are trustworthy, positive attitude and committed in the organizations achievement so as to achieve the objective. The ethical guidelines will ensure that all the employees working inside the company and outside the company carry out their activities in an ethical way and in accordance to the standards established by the expert consulting group, the government and any other regulatory agency. The employees should exercise good judgment, carefulness and fore thought when delivering services on behalf of the expert consulting group.

Various ethical guidelines are to be used in expert consulting group .They include communication, conflict of interest, working environment, giving gifts, corruption and violation measures. The communication between the employees and the managers, employees and employees and any other group should be accommodating so as to allow every member of the organization to be able to make decisions in the organization (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003). The employees should have open communication among themselves and the management. The communication should be honest and reliable. This will benefit the organization as it will help the organization in achieving its objective the employees will serve the clients well in an honest manner. The open communication allows the employees to build trust among themselves and the client. The employees in the expert consulting group should be informed early of matters that are relating to their work (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003).

 Another guideline is the working environment (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003). The working environment should be characterized by equality, openness and patience. Employees should conduct themselves well when carrying out their duties and they should respect other people. They should also respect other cultures and their norms so as to support diversity by ensuring there is no discrimination in terms of faith, culture or social status and political ideas. This is to deliver services to all clients who are located at the various industries that have been established by the expert consulting group. The employees should not use an illegal means that can damage the reputation of expert consulting group and its activities to gain an advantage for himself or her self. All employees should make good judgment and conduct themselves with prudence and in an honorable manner when working in various industries established by the expert consulting group (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003).

Corruption is another ethical guideline that the expert consulting group should include in the code of conduct. The employees should not be involved in corrupt deals when carrying out consulting activities on behalf of expert consulting group (Cummings, &Worley, 2008).The employees and the company should adhere to anti corrupt laws established by the United States government, the European government and the Asian government to eliminate corruption in the various regions that the company has established its industries. This is to meet the needs of the clients without corrupt deals. The workers should not be involved in unauthorized boycotts whether internationally or in their country. Another important guideline is conflict of interest. The employees in expert group should act in the best interest of the expert group company and they should make sound judgments that are not made at benefiting them .The employees should avoid conflict of interest and if in doubt about any conflict they should seek advice from the senior supervisor, manager or any other member in the management (Curnow, &Reuvid, 2003).

Giving of gifts (Cummings, &Worley, 2008). The giving of gifts among the employees should be according to the law and they should not violate the policy of the person receiving the goods or the person giving the gifts. One should make sound judgment when giving out gifts or receiving gifts so as not to interfere with the companies policy. The expert consulting group should adhere to the laws established by the government and any other regulatory body when carrying out its activities in the various regions. The employees should also adhere to the laws. The violation of the guidelines will lead to a disciplinary action that will be decided by the organization managing board. The measures of the violation will be related to the violation the employee has done. (Cummings, &Worley, 2008).


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