Fossil Based Penalties and hidden costs associated with fossil-based energy production

Coal is a fossil-based source of energy producer. Coal and natural gas together almost account for about 70% of nations’ production of electricity. The two forms of energy source the leading sources of pollution in terms of greenhouse gases as well as other forms. For instance coal is non-renewable energy source. The damage caused by coal ranges from health effects, effect on the yield of the crops, building materials as well as other areas.

The damages concerning health include premature mortality and the development of asthma for instance. There are other non-climatic damages which result from coal usage in electricity production and this has been said to amount to $62 billion in the year 2005. These damages are twenty times more than what is experienced in gases. A greater percentage of the damages were associate with premature death of human beings. Then 85% was seen to come from emissions of Sulphur dioxide which is mostly transformed into airborne matter.

The carbon dioxide emissions from power generated from coal contribute the highest amount of emissions the greenhouse gases in the United States. Depending on the age and the technology used the emissions also differ. Damages from plants which are run by natural gases are lower than those from the coal. In 2005 all non-climatic damages from the air amounted to pollutants amounted to about $740 million.

Damages from these gases averaged to $1.49 million annually which show there was lower damage per kWh at the plants of gas as compare to the coal counterpart. In the future it is estimated that the damages caused by coal and gas will fall. This will be mainly because of regulations put in place to help curb the problem

The US Clean Air Act

On its enactment it established a federal program within the U.S. Public Health Service and made research possible in the techniques which can be used to monitor and control air pollution. It was also aimed at expanding the activities of the federal government. Due to this law, enforcement methods were put on place in the areas which were subject to air pollution on transport in the state. In accordance with the act the federal government then presumed thorough monitoring studies and inspections.

The law controlled both the stationary and mobile pollutants of air. The law controlled acid deposition and for the issuing of stationary source permits of operation. It authorized a program that worked to control toxic pollutants which were a hazard to the air. There was establishment of program that gave directions on how permits will be given. It brought a modification on how good air nationally will be attained. It established a program aimed at phasing out the usage of chemicals that led to depletion of the ozone layer. There was an authorization that controlled the emission of motor vehicle.

In the near future due to the enactment of this law it is evident that the rate of pollution will be brought to a halt. The pollution in this case will be all that causes pollution to the air. All vehicles which emit gas causing pollution to the environment will be seen to disappear from roads. All activities which lead to air pollution which include industries will be brought to a stand still which will see the environment very tidy and improvement of the health conditions. This means there will be tremendous decrease in the diseases that come as a result air pollution.

Emission standards from fossil based fuel plants

Many plants that produce energy are based with fossil. For example a greater amount of electricity is produced from coal. 10% of the plants with the highest damages produce 43% of the aggregate damages from all plants. Then 50% of plants with the lowest damages produce only 12% of aggregate damages. Then each group of plants is said to have accounted for not less than 25% of the electricity generated from coal. Variations in damages caused are as a result of differences in intensity of pollution

Carbon dioxide emissions from plants that are fired by coal are the highest causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. There is a difference in the amount of carbon dioxide produced. This is determined by the technology which is been used in those industries as well as how old they are.

Large plants which are mostly less damaging than the smaller counterparts. Gas plants are the least polluting as compared to plants fired by coal. Although this holds there are some facilities which cause damage with far reaching effects as that of coal. There is distinction between the plants and the intensity of the damages caused. The least causes 50% of damage in gas plants and this account for at least 23% of the generation. This produced 4% of the damages while the most damaging 10% of plants account for 24% of the net generation which produces 655 of the damages

Transport Energy

Transport energy has been faced with a major challenge over the years. Due to this there is a need to create strategic plan for renewable energy in our countries. In this era there is danger of diminishing oil and the cost of energy has gone high. The rate of pollution has equally increased and become the worst. This has posed danger to humanity by causing some diseases which are relation to air pollution and other pollutant related. Many of the countries have been divided on very important issues. It is of essence that the people come together and forge ahead in the trial to solve the problem of ever increasing supply prices and the diminishing amounts of the oil from the transport energy. Awarding those who work tirelessly to help curb the problem of energy transport will play a greater role in the production of renewable and sustainable energy free from the risk of pollution. Grant and loans should be provided to boost the efforts put in place to solve these problems.

These efforts should not lock anyone our and should consider even investors who would like to do business in the stated countries. We should consider what we have within us and find means and ways of turning it into useful ones. This one should be affordable, long term, free from pollution and should be renewable. There must be laid down strategies on the in order to be able to achieve all these good forms of fuel.

The problems which experienced emanating from the transport energy need to be addressed as a global issue this is because these problems affect everybody indiscriminately. When the emissions rise up to cause the depletion of the ozone layer, the effect is felt by everyone. There has been a major challenge as result of countries wanting to bring forth solutions which do not cut across or ones aimed at solving the problem in their country without checking at the greater problem in the other countries.

People need to eat and most of the food is not eaten raw. This means that some energy is required in order transform the food into more edible state. This can be done either at home or in the industries. Either way extra caution is required to avoid occurrence of the negative impacts which this production can cause.

When one does it at home he may use some fuel which may result to cutting down of trees. Cutting down of trees leads to desertification which has adverse effect to the climate. This may lead to lack of brain as well as global warming. This has been of great challenge in the current environmental situation.

When production is done with industries there are emissions. These are usually of gaseous state and cause air pollution. Air pollution is very adverse since it may lead to even death when not well handled. This happens in the case when people are infected with airborne diseases like asthma. This problem can be solved once and for if the industries involved in the food production make use of energy that is cheap but without the air pollution elements. They can make use of natural energy like sun and wind.

Environmental impacts will be solved when people abstain from the usage of these sources of energy that are lead to environmental depletion. The future of many countries will be safe if and only if they choose to leave some behaviors and hold on to the activities which bring value in the environment where they live in



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