St. Lucia Banana Farmers and Free Trade Movement

Fair Trade groups are of importance to the banana farmers in many aspects. With the help of the fair-trade association, farmers manage to get social premiums which they use in developing their activities. Fair trade has been allocating all farmers social premiums in respect to their agreements which is quite a good service because it provides works with a forum of development hence seeing benefits of whatever they are doing. At any given meeting conducted in the course of premium disbursement, farmers with the help of fair-trade groups discusses on the desired project that will be started with the help of the premiums that they are given. In the process of developing new projects which will be funded with premiums give, the committee involved evaluates on past activities. This provides farmers with a forum to make wise decisions in respect to the outcomes of projects funded there earlier, (Moberg, 2005).

Farmers in this aspect are treated fairly and equally simply because they have interest on whatever is being discussed at that particular time. The issue on the project to be funded in discussed openly. Farmers come with their proposals and not the selected committee. After proposals are being forwarded, with the help of the farmers, fair trade groups select the best project which will be funded with farmer’s premiums. Leaders to lead the proposed projects are selected when proposal or proposals go through and they just come from the farmers. This has been quite a fair process although there are some of negative aspects which farmers have been complaining about, (Moberg, 2005).


Moberg, M. (2005). Fair trade and eastern Caribbean banana farmers: rhetoric and reality in the anti-globalization movement: human organization


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