History of Science By Iliffe Rob


History of science is written by Rob Iliffe, R. He aims at differentiating the discipline of history of science form other disciplines. This means that he says that science is a subject that deals with true facts concerning the natural environment independent from human activities. Therefore the history of science cannot be historicized just like their topics. This therefore differentiates the history of science as a unique entity. This is a filed that benefits students doing both humanities and scientific. Science as a filed is highly applicable in modern age technology and science with a wide range of opportunities to publish and pursue within the natural world.

Relation to History of science

This is an article that examines how nature has been manipulated, understood and modeled by different societies around the world.  The author indicates that the history of science deals exclusively with the natural world which independently exists from the human activity it suggests that science history does resist to be historized in the same manner as other filed this is an aspect that makes science history to be unique from other empirical enquiry in species


The history of science has been viewed as a uniquely interdisciplinary activity and academics and commentators have seen the history of science as an unrivalled capacity in appealing to students doing humanities and scientific studies thus tampering with narrow speculation of one of the field and at the same time exposing students to greater achievements. The article further  indicates that  the rationality of science has mainly been universal and it has the ability to improve and inform technical practices, thus making it paramount in defining and forging  the most important features of the modern  times (Iliffe, 2008)


Iliffe, R (2008) History of science. Retrieved from


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