Being a leader does not merely mean to have those skills of leadership, it also requires the leader to play his cards in the right way. One might have leadership skills and fail to achieve organization goals and objectives simply because he or she did not put into action those skills in the right aspect. Leaders should always be in the lead and offer examples on how things are supposed to be done. In order to be a productive leader, there is some key things one need to do currently and in the future. As a leader one of the key things I usually do is to have the right perspective. This helps in developing focus on what I am expected to do and that is the main reason I have always achieved set goals in the simplest way, (Goleman et al., 2001).

Effective leaders provide constructive feedback to situations and not watching things done as instructed. I always provide constant feedback and develop sound decisions when need arise. One of the common things with my leadership is that I always handle things professionally. I normally provide praise when necessary and where a critic is required, I professionally handle the situation. In order to achieve goals and objectives I have always delegated duties to the right people. It is the work of a leader to know team members so as to delegate duties in the right manner, (Quinn, 2005).

Researchers have done some studies shows that the state of mind of a leader has a great effect on productivity of employees. The way a leader behaves counts a lot in development as well as operation of the entire organization. An organization becomes at risk when a leader develops some emotional states that affects the operations and followers say nothing about the situation. In my previous organization, some of the leaders were affected by this so called the unseen state of emotion. Sometimes I was forced to behave in respect to the set values simply because the leader might have developed some emotions that are not in line with the set goals of the organization. This has been a major problem simply because approaching a leader in some instances has been a problem especially when you are working under pressure, (Goleman et al., 2001).

Employees are supposed to be aware when leaders are doing the right thing and when he or she is misleading the organization. At times, it becomes difficult for the employee to face the leader and unleash the foreseen problems that affects the team and the organization as a whole. Having realized that there is something wrong with my boss, I would like him or her change how goals of the organization are set and operated.

Delegating duties is one of the most crucial things that I would like the boss to change. If he or she will be able to take time and learn the entire employee, it would be better simply because he will know who to give what and who to send where thus develop a healthy working environment. On the other and, I would like him change the way he gives feedback. I would recommend him to give the right feedback in the right manner and use professional approach, (Quinn, 2005).


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