Location Strategy

The operations of any business are affected by its location. For a business to experience success its location plays a key role. Business operations need supportive facilities to run smoothly.It requires a good access to the clients of its goods and services, the required staff as well as well developed infrastructure which include good means of transport, water and electricity.

Therefore access to these facilities is what matters in the selection of business location. The location should be strategic where it can attract all what it requires in order to operate smoothly. It is key to note that locate plays a key role in the profitability or any enterprise.

Location strategy is a plan aimed at getting the best locality for a company considering the needs of the company and its objectives and then looking for a location that offer what conforms with the company’s needs and objectives. By doing this the company works towards maximizing profits while costs and risks are been minimized.

When choosing a typical location the basic things one should consider these factors

Facilities – it involves planning for a location that can cater for your needs now and the in the future

Feasibility – this puts into considerations cost of operation and other factors

Logistics – it considers matters concerning transportation choices depending on cost

Labor – the location should be able to supply the company with adequate necessary labor

Community – one must consider whether the company’s operations are compatible with locals beliefs and way of life

Government regulations – depending on the company type government may restrict on the zones where they should operate in order to safeguard the interests of others.

In considering the above factors one will be able to come up with an ideal location for his/her business.


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