Market Area Analysis

Sea transport is one of the main transport means that help the trade industry. Over 90% of the entire world sea transport activities, trade related activities get the biggest portion which means that sea transport plays a major role in trade industry. Sea transport is the busiest means of transport in the world although it creates not complications due to its wide space of operations.

Maritime transport is one of the sea transporting companies which provides safe and reliable means of transport in the sea transport industry. Compared to other types of transport activities, sea transport is the cheapest means which is green and also provides individuals with different traveling opportunities. Individuals who are interested in merchant shipping, sea transport industry provides them with opportunities but they should have the knowledge and skills of sailing provided by maritime Transport Company, (Maritime Transport, 2011).

Maritime Transport Company offer better working environment conditions for employees who are employed in the firm. With our company, individuals who join us get opportunities of developing their careers through some training programs provided by the company. European legislation has been deployed in the coastal area to oversee that all things regarding sea transport work effectively.

Maritime firm has worked with the European legislation to ensure that accidents are minimal and that customer’s access to all activities and services that they require during their transport period. The firm is among the companies which have the best and quality services. Incase of any complains or inquiries, customers can call or visit the firm’s headquarters where services will be provided, (Maritime Transport, 2011).


Maritime Transport, (2011). Retrieved from,, on April 21, 2011



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