The group members divided the group tasks among the group members. The group consisted of six members and each member had different tasks to carry out. For example, Giacomo was supposed to prepare the introductory section of the project. He was supposed to research more about the east European shop. That is the number of customers who buy goods from the east European shop. In addition, he was required to provide statistics on the number of customers who live in London. Moreover, Giacomo analyzed the demand of specific products and the money that is used annually. Apart from Giacomo, Iassen also helped in preparing the boundary and scope of the project. He described methods and techniques that were used in marketing.

For instance, he analyzed the 4ps of marketing. After analyzing the 4 ps of marketing, he was supposed to give recommendations about the marketing techniques used. Artem helped in conducting interviews. He interviewed the manager. Andera analyzed the porters’ forces. For instance, he analyzed competitors in details. In addition, Nhung prepared a SWOT analysis of the shop. The SWOT analysis presented the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities available. It also identified the threats available. Roman identified the promotion strategies that were used to attract customers in the market segmented targeted. The group organization was not successful. This is because of various factors that made it hard for group members to organize themselves.

First, lack of coordination among the group members made it hard for the members to organize themselves. There was no one to help the group members organize themselves. In addition, lack of cooperation among the members made it dificuty to organize the group well. Some of the members did not cooperate and this affected the success of the group negatively. Some of the group members did not observe time and this made it hard to organize activities in the group. For example, the group members did not present their analysis on time and this made it hard to combine the work (Pareek &Moore 2009).

The project was divided into various sections. That is the introduction, the SWOT analysis section and the promotion section. Another section was marketing strategies, porters forces and the interview section. The division of the task was fair and effective. This is because no group member was overworked. All the group members were given equal tasks. In addition, the division of tasks was effective as it helped gather information about the project. It also saved time as the group members were able to complete the project within the shortest time possible.

Most groups face numerous challenges when trying to reach an agreement about how they should work together. There are various factors that hinder the group members from reaching an agreement. First, lack of cooperation between the members leads to conflicts which in turn hinders them from reaching an agreement. Additionally, selfishness and lack of understanding hinders the group members from agreeing on the task and how to perform it. This is because the group members have different interests. Also, lack of trust among the group members affects the group members negatively and this makes it hard for them to work together (Mercer 1996).

In this case, it was easy to reach an agreement about how we had to work together. There are various factors that made it easy for to reach an agreement. First, the cooperation between the members made it easy to agree on the task and how to complete it. Most of the group members were committed to work together. Also, understanding helped the members work together. A large percentage of the group members understood each other. The members appreciated strengths and weaknesses showed by different members and this enabled the group to work together. Moreover, the group members trusted each other and hence shared different type of information. The group members were not selfish and this helped the group members work together (Silk 2006).

The group members played different roles. The members analyzed different sections of the project as listed above. The roles played by the group members were formally agreed by the members. Before starting the project, the group members agreed on the roles each member was going to play. For example, the group selected Iassen as the team leader. He was supposed to lead the group and help the members achieve the objectives set. The group did not take long to get along and become cohesive. This is because the group members were able to work together and also understood each other. The cooperation between the group members helped eliminate factors that could have affected cohesion in the group (Silk 2006).

The effectiveness of the group could have been improved using various methods. First, the effectiveness of the group could have been improved by observing time.Most members did not provide information on time. This in turn made it hard for the group members to work together. The group could have been more effective if the group members observed time. This is because the group members would have completed the sections above on time and presented their arguments (Armstrong, Harker, Kotler &Brennan 2009).

I was supposed to prepare the introductory section and the conclusion section. The conclusion was a summary of information provided by other members. For instance, the conclusion focused on number of customers and shops. It also focused on the marketing strategy and interviews. I accepted the responsibility easily. I succeeded because I was able to complete my section and also help others complete their parts. This made the project successful as the group members were able to meet the objectives set. I have learned about various strengths and weaknesses that are related to group working and researching. Other strengths are related to business skills.

First, I like cooperating with other members and understanding them. This is because I cooperated with other members when completing the project. In addition, I was able to understand the group members. However, I was not able to observe time as I did not complete my section on time. I have good research skills. For example, I am able to analyze content from various sources .On the other hand, I am not able to apply the content researched well. Also, I am able to apply business concepts in real life. I will try to change my approach in future so as to make the experience rewarding. First, I will observe time by completing all tasks on time. This will give the group members ample time to compile the assignment. I will also improve my research skills and group commitment (Armstrong, Harker, Kotler &Brennan 2009).


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