Newspapers Advertising And The Dawn Of New Advertising Technologies

Since time immemorial newspapers have been present, they were not only to inform on the daily events around the world but also to inform on new products, goods or services in the market. To do these advertisers paid a fee to the newspaper company and had their adverts appear in the newspapers on a specified day. Over time though there has been a gradual shift of advertisement from using classified newspapers to the preferred modern internet and the website.

Newspapers have been left with no choice other than to also establish newspaper websites so as to fit in the changing technological world. Thesis: Newspapers have been the mode of advertisement since time immemorial and though the introduction of digital advertisement poses a threat, newspaper adverts will never be wiped out.


The journal will look at the challenges that newspapers are faced with in the changing media environment such as the change in advertising channels. Interactive channels such as the internet, iDTV and mobile technologies are gaining popularity over the traditional newspaper advertisements. Newspapers have always been the appropriate advertising channels as they could reach many audiences; they were also preferred because unlike TV ads and internet pop-ups they were not intrusive. The readership is in control of the advertisement he/she wants to read. Newspapers advertisements are also more relevant and informative than television ads.

Collection of relevant data for the project involved the visiting of newspapers website, interviewing of local media’s such as Concerta media, Belgacom Skynet and Corelio media and random interviewing and presentation of questionnaires to individual.In the analysis comparison is made between the different newspaper sites that are present on the internet. Comparison is also made between the traditional classified advertising and the classified website advertisement. The data collected from interviews and the questionnaires is analyzed and the findings illustrated.

Analysis and findings: To attract more advertisers sales houses like Scripta have reduced their advertisement tariffs so as attract not only new advertisers but also the small advertisers who could not afford the high tariffs of newspaper adverts. The entrance of advanced media of advertisement have made newspapers to embrace new formats of printing and advertising so as to present excellent brand campaigns. To counter losses due to the shift to internet adverts, the newspapers begun their own classified website such as a site for car selling and a site for private-sector ads.

Website newspapers can also be used to move the advertising budgets from above-the-line to below- the-line media. The internet can be used for direct marketing by creating an interactive platform between the advertisers and the readers.Website newspaper advertisement also offer possibilities of branding online by use of the 3 AD model which combines a skyscraper, a leader board and a large message unit all containing advertising messages from one advertiser.

The leader board is mostly used for branding purposes, the skyscraper is used for promotional purposes and the message unit acts as the repeated call for action.Newspaper website can also embrace advertising techniques by use of digital technologies such as video and search advertising, personalization and mobile video content as well as user generated content. Personal media gives the consumer control over the information that he/she wants to get e.g. sports alerts.


Although the advent of new digital and advertising channels poses a threat to the advertising revenues, the newspaper will still remain a relevant advertising channel as long as they embrace the new technologies and apply them to their advantage.

Article 2

The trends, opportunities and rational of public journalism practices in Africa


This article aims at juxtaposing some good journal practices of countries such as the US and the UK that can be useful for application in media development in Africa so that information can reach even the masses in the rural area.Distinction is made between citizen journalism and public journalism. Citizen journalism refers to the journalistic work that is done by an ordinary citizen.

It includes the collection and analysis of report and the dissemination of news through various forms of media. Public journalism involves the working of a professional journalist hand in hand the citizens in their newsroom operation. Public journalism includes the treatment of media audiences as active participants; it also involves the aiming at problem-solving rather than problem exposing reporting.

Thesis: Effective journalism entails use of public journalism so as to have an informed citizenry


The media should also aim at being the voice of the community where community issues can be discussed. Public journalism also involves the correct prioritizing of matters and issues of importance to the people.

Data collection methods: For the research, data collection was made from various media houses where different samples of news was collected and analyzed to see whether they fit public journalism. Questionnaires were also handed out to the citizenry asking them to respond to questions regarding their involvement in the process of news making in their society. Questionnaires were also given to various media houses with reference to their mode of news collection. Data collection also involved the reviewing of books that talked of the history of journalism in the US and the world over.

Analysis and findings: A professional journalist should use journalism to enhance social capital as well as put into consideration the public opinion regarding various matters. To better understand the concept of public journalism, one should relate it to other journalistic framework such asocial responsibility, advocacy journalism, developmental journalism among others.

In the US the need for public journalism was proposed by scholars and journalists such as John Dewey and David Perry who together with various media organizations saw the need to involve the American community in the day to day affairs and events of the communities. Other media’s such as the BBC had already established public journalism through the talk department which had sort new methods of social reporting that involved the use of first –hand accounts of reportingAfrica’s form of public journalism has taken the form of rural journalism as the main agenda in African journalism mainly focuses on the rural areas as that is where the majority of Africans are.

Public journalism is important in the continents attempts at achieving the millennium Development goals. The introduction of private FM radio stations across the continent is also the right direction towards public journalism. The introduction of relevant journalism curricula and the passing of the freedom to access information across many African countries is also a positive move towards the establishment of an effective public journalism.

There is need for the media to do more social auditing so as to understand better the social issues in the communities so that the members of the community are in a position to give feed-forward and feedback on matters that require address.Promoting a participating society leads to democratic development while holding the government responsible for the actions it undertakes, at the end of the day the community becomes wise and informed.


The main aim of public journalism is that the media aims at reaching out to as many members of a society as possible. It is up to the journalist to listen to the citizenry more often. It is also the responsibility of the public journalist to link the citizenry to their leaders, connect citizens together and encourage dialogue on thorny issues. Public journalism involves the engagement of the public in genuine news organizations so as to reduce the gap between media houses and their audiences. Involvement of the citizenry gives them a sense of identity with the media house as it focuses on addressing their problems.

Article I


Thesis: Newspapers have been the mode of advertisement since time immemorial and though the introduction of digital advertisement poses a threat, newspaper adverts will never be wiped out.

Data collection methods: Sampling of newspapers sites



Analysis and Findings:- reduction of advertisement tariffs

-Adoption of new formats of printing and advertising

-Establishment of classified website

-Use of internet for direct marketing

- Use of video advertising

Conclusion: -Consumer control

-         Newspapers have embraced the new technologies and applied them                           to their advantage

  Article II


Thesis: Effective journalism entails use of public journalism so as to have an informed citizenry

Data collection methods:-Sampling of News


- Book reviews

Analysis and Findings:

- Use journalism to enhance social capital

-Put into consideration the public opinion

- relate public journalism to other journalistic frameworks

- Africa’s public journalism takes the form of rural journalism

- Public Journalism helps Africa in attempts at achievingthe millennium Development goals.

- Introduction of relevant journalism curricula

- Freedom to access information


-Social auditing necessary so as to get the right social issues

-Reach out to the majority of the citizenry

-Link/Connect leaders and citizens

-Engage the public in genuine news organization



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