Object Oriented Design And Unified Modeling Language Design

Object oriented design puts together a plan of interacting and objects related to each other for the purposes of creating a solution to a problem in software.  The unified modeling language is a part of the object-oriented design that documents its features. The object oriented and unified language designs have had great influence in the software knowledge world. This is because the systems allow the data and operation to be both public and private at the same time. The objects can be derived from a parent, which means the system attributes can be reproduced in a smaller version to create better, improved and specific systems.

The most applied of these systems are business application systems. This is because they are able to make marketing and customer care for the companies easier. When the customer is viewed as the main object, one can access the entire customer’s history, tastes and credit. However, to protect the privacy of the customer, some information can only be accessed through certain protection measures.

 Waterfall Design And Object Oriented Design

The waterfall design has the advantage of saving companies a lot of money. This is because it can predict problems in early stages thereby saving the hustle associated with a major problem. This is unlike the object-oriented design where focus is placed more on the object and not the processes. Therefore, while designs for objects may be perfect, the processes maybe incomplete. However, the waterfall designs are hard to implement because unlike the object-oriented designs, it becomes difficult and in some sectors impossible to ensure that a completed phase of the software product has been perfected.

Stakeholders For A Business Application

In designing a business application, perhaps the most important stakeholders are the owners of the business. They need to understand and choose the best application for the business with the help of the experts.

Employees must be aware of the application and how to use it for it is meant to lessen and make their work easier.

for every business, the clients come before anyone else. If the clients’ service provision or goods delivery is hampered by the system application in any way, it may be advisable to do away with the application and introduce a friendlier one.

Businesses work together with other partners such as suppliers and transporters, who need to be considered when setting up an application.


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