PepsiCo’s CEO

The corporation selected for this assignment is PepsiCo, whose CEO is Indra Nooyi. There are a number of characteristics that make Indra an effective leader, as it will be seen below. Among the key characteristics is open-mindedness. It is essential for Chief Executive Officers and other leaders to be open-minded. They need to be ready to learn and embrace new ideas (Maxwell, 2007). They are not only required to embrace the next leadership principles, but they must portray willingness to learn about the younger generations and technology. Another major characteristic of this Indra is that she has good communication skills. A leader with such skills can easily convince followers to adopt positive culture change. Consistency is another characteristic worth noting. A good leader needs to be consistent both in words and actions.

The food and beverage industry is competitive; hence creativity is one of the characteristics that a leader has to have. Indra has been perceived as a creative leader (A refreshing take on leadership). A leader who is creative is able to push for the company’s development by producing new products, using cleaver advertising approaches and expanding into the international market. The industry source also views Indra as an individual who considers change. Such a leader is highly likely to cope with new market economical demands (Maxwell, 2007). Emotional intelligence is another trait worth noting. Indra has always advocated for emotional intelligence. In addition to having a keen sense of business, she also operates under a moral compass.

I think the cultural legacy that PepsiCo’s CEO will leave behind is a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity. By inclusion, it means that if a woman says something, it should not be interpreted as though a man said it. A woman cannot be expected to comment or react in a similar manner as a man (Maxwell, 2007). This means that an organization has to have different dynamic specially set for a particular gender or race. In this way, everyone feels valued and appreciated as a member of the organization or larger group.


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