The Role the Product Package


Packaging has a lot of importance in the design of a supply and in distribution. One of the main roles of packaging in supply design is to provide protection and preservation. In most cases a product is manufactured a place different from the consumer, and then packaging helps the product to be preserved during its transport until it reaches the end user. This is to prevent the product from being destroyed in any way simply because there are so many risks that are risky to affect the product during transit. During the supply process, there are so many contaminations that might affect the product thus packing it into a safe material enable the product to reach the destination without any contamination. Products that are packed are not attacked by any harmful bacterial which means that customers get them in the right state, (Bell, 2008).

Another great role of packing in respect to design supply is the containment aspect. Consider a situation whereby a harmful product wants to be transported from one place to the other. Sincerely the environment is under risk if the product is just transported without being enclosed. Packaging in this instance provides protection to the environment be way of transporting the product in a safe container or package. Similarly, packaging enables the product to maintain its contents meaning that its quality remains the same until it reaches the owner. Some products can not be transported without being packaged. Consider a situation whereby you want to transport water. Packaging eases on how some products are being transported simply because of shape and size, (Ballou, 2004).


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