Accreditation Requirements of the CCNE

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) is an institution charged with the responsibility of enhancing the quality of public health care. In line this mandate, CCNE evaluates the various educational programs for nursing practitioners in the United States of America not only at postgraduate but also at undergraduate levels. (Cannon, 2011)

Some of the specific accreditation requirements include the verification of nursing residency programs and the evaluation of nursing practices in healthcare organizations. Furthermore, the accreditation requirements of the CCNE encompass the verification of professional standards in nursing education. (Keating, 2010)

Evidence of CCNE Accreditation at the Organization

In my organization, the CCNE accreditation requirements are evident in various ways; to start with, the organization has established comprehensive mechanisms that are aimed at ensuring that all nurses work in accordance with the stipulated professional standards. Secondly, the organization ensures that are all nursing practitioners have attained professional qualifications from CCNE-accredited institutions. (Cannon, 2011)

This approach has contributed immensely towards facilitating the highest standards of public health care. Additionally, the organization invites CCNE evaluation officers on a frequent basis in order to inspect the existing situation in terms of adherence to professional nursing standards. The organization has also established an excellent plan specifically aimed at equipping nursing practitioners with technical information as pertains to the emerging trends within the nursing profession.

Consequently, this has been instrumental towards the enhancement of professional nursing standards within the organization. The organization also works closely with nursing schools and other kinds of nursing education institutions in order to outsource for highly qualified practitioners. All these perspectives clearly highlight the fact that the organization has sufficient evidence of CCNE accreditation. (Keating, 2010)


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